PnV Network presents exclusive interview with Zach Grenenger

PnV Network presents exclusive interview with Zach Grenenger

PnV Network presents exclusive interview with Zach Grenenger

By Chris Chase @PnVMaleModelHQ

Zach Grenenger has movie  star looks, an Ivy League brain and Olympic athleticism. He’s also one of the most down to earth guys you’ll come across. A lot of people with his talents have an inflated view of themselves. What’s refreshing is that Zach is approachable, funny and honest. Those are rare qualities in the world today. I put Zach on a short list of people I’m happy I was able to meet. This future doctor of veterinary medicine has the world on a string and I can’t wait to see what he does next! Enjoy these amazing photos by Keith Archer.

PnV Network presents exclusive interview with Zach GrenengerChris Chase: Hey Zach! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule down under to chat with me for a bit. There’s so much to talk about but let’s start with you basic modeling statistics.

Zach Grenenger: Hello Chris! First of all, I certainly appreciate your interest in me and I’m happy to do this interview. Here are my statistics…

Height – 6″2

Hair – dirty blonde

Eye colour – blue/green mix

BDAY – 10th of jan

Hometown – Sydney Australia

Mother agent – KULT Australia

CC: Tell me how long you’ve been in the industry and how your career got started.

ZG: I’ve been doing modeling around 4-5 years .. I was was scouted at a very young age walking down the streets of double bay with my mum when an agent first approached .. At that young of an age the only driver for me to start was that my mum was a model so i wanted to be like her but now I guess my drive comes from wanting to be successful in this industry ..

CC: So you’ve been a pro for a while. Plus you had that inside track! Lol Tell about your biggest accomplishment personal or professional.

ZG: Personally I feel like I’ve had a very different up bringing to a lot of others … Before modeling I was a national swimmer and shortly after swapped to rowing and became apart of the Shore first 8 and won a nation wide competition … So I feel like that’s my most accomplished moment … Like wise with work I feel like my proudest moment comes from a job I’ve booked … So I feel like Moschino show this season was a highlight for sure , the caliber of people who walked was insane from the best female – male models in the world … So I was very happy to be amongst them !

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CC: So I guess the question would be, what can’t you do?! You have so many options but what are your long term aspirations?

ZG: hmmm long term aspirations is a very tricky one for sure … I feel like with this line of work we are always just trying to find out what we have on tomorrow let alone years ahead of time … So Im gonna have to say I’ll stick to modeling and acting for the meantime and if that doesn’t work I’ll go back to university and study veterinary science like I originally planned …

CC: So no. There’s nothing you can’t do. Lol. Modeling, swimming, rowing, veterinary science and Ivy League smarts. No fair. If you weren’t modeling what would you be doing?

ZG: If I wasn’t modeling I would actually funnily enough be at an Ivy League school in the states for rowing … Studying amongst very intelligent people with a rowing scholarship … That was my path before I found this industry and how much I enjoy it. PnV Network Zach Grenenger (5)

CC: WOW. Obviously you’re in incredible shape. What does your workout routine look like?

ZG: Well my workout routine changes a lot throughout the year based on what clients want etc … But mostly I do 45mins running then into TRX ropes and do crunches and ab exercises for around 25 mins .. Then every second day I do conditioning with a personal trainer .. So around 6 days a week give or take a day of that to be taken by work…

CC: Tell me what a perfect day for Zach is.

ZG: A perfect day for Zach is going to sound so Australian !! I love surfing been doing it since I was little .. So spending the day surfing with mates then coming in around sunset, making  a bonfire and some food and crack open a few drinks and watch the sun go down and play music .. 

CC: That’s sounds great to me! I’m not exactly a surfing expert. So on that perfect day you’re probably going to have a cheat meal. What’s your favorite cheat food?

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ZG: My favorite cheat food I’ve actually discovered over in LA. It’s vegan pancakes with multigrain and chocolate chip banana clusters … They speak for themselves …PnV Network Zach Grenenger (4)

CC: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

ZG: In  my spare time , I surf and hang with mates .. I feel like I am very social person and love meeting new people and going new places . Always up for a road trip or anything exciting along those lines …

CC: So let’s get a favorites rundown. Favorite sport, TV show etc.

ZG:  I don’t really follow sports but at the moment I’ve just discovered the TV show FRIENDS which I know is way past its day in the lime light but I am seriously enjoying watching that from start to finish ..

CC: FRIENDS is an incredible show! I love Chandler. Ive talked at length about all of the things you’re really good at. What’s something you’re not so good at?

ZG: Something Im not good at , that’s an easy one … I have no musical talent what so ever and my family are all amazing at music so I feel like I missed that talent train for sure!

CC: Don’t feel too bad. Musical talent is a hard one. Who was your childhood hero?

ZG: My childhood hero was my dad. My two brothers and I loved my dad so much we just thought up super hero powers regardless of how un heroic his business suits were we had a blast with our imaginations!PnV Network Zach Grenenger (3)

CC: That’s amazing. I know a lot of times we don’t see the real heroes right in front of us. So, let’s play desert island. You’re stuck on a deserted island. You can only have one food, book and movie for the rest of your life. What are they?

ZG: Hah!  Well let’s start with food cause that’s easy … I would have sushi for the rest of my days and never complain !

“A movie would be the Harry Potter series I am secretly in love with them like everyone else … And a book would have to be “The Secret ” by Rhonda Byne … It’s an amazing book a must read if you haven’t!”— Zach.

CC: If I asked your friends to describe you, what would they say?

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ZG: My friends would hands down tell you Im crazy … Im a very spontaneous person and love chopping and changing and doing new things … It’s a very 0 or 100 and no in between type of lifestyle!

CC: You seem so deliberate about things. It’s odd to me you’re so spontaneous. That’s great! Give me one word to describe yourself and why.

ZG: One word to describe myself would have to be Spontaneous … The reason for that is due to work I never have forward planning about anything in my life so I end up just making my own time to go adventure and end up in different cities or working somewhere new …PnV Network presents exclusive interview with Zach Grenenger

CC: Based on my previous question that makes sense. Who has been an influence on you professionally?

ZG:  I would have to say my agent David Conway at Kult Australia … He inspires both personally and professionally by teaching me about the balance of life and what it means to be a well rounded and multi dimensional person … He has always been like a second dad to me and guided me through my career … I owe that man a lot both on my career aspect but also on a personal level !!

CC: In five years Zach Grenenger…?

ZG: I would love to give an amazing answer where I would be in 5 years but I honestly would be guessing .. Don’t know where life is taking me but I’m excited for what’s to come … Whatever it may be.

CC: Just role with the punches! Finally, tell me something about you few people know.

ZG:  hmm something only a few people know about me … Im an open book majority of the time but I guess something that people don’t know unless your close to me is I’m a lot younger than people think … I leave the guessing up to everyone else!

CC: Zach I certainly appreciate your time! I told you initially I was a bit intimidated to approach you and you squelched that fear immediately! Truly a pleasure my friend.PnV Network presents exclusive interview with Zach Grenenger

Model: Zachary Grenenger

Instagram: @zachgrenenger

Photographer: Keith Archer

Instagram: @keith_archer_

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