Bryan Hawn's Kiss My Ass (Video)

Part II As the Bubble Turns: The Life & Times of Bryan Hawn /PnV Interview

Part II As the Bubble Turns:

The Life & Times of Bryan Hawn

/PnV Interview

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Our candid interview with YouTube sensation and model/singer Bryan Hawn continues.   The L.A.-based model discusses his famous ass, fans, dancing, exotic animals, boyfriends, celebrity crushes and more. Let’s continue down part two of the life journey of Bryan Hawn.PnV Network Exclusive Bryan Hawn

Bryan, your famous, sculpted ass is like a national treasure. And you aren’t shy about marketing and flaunting it. First, what does your Mom and siblings say about their son/brother and his golden ass?

My family is very proud of me and my ability to market myself as a Health & Fitness Author. They understand that in order for people to truly believe you’re an expert in fitness, the proof is in the pudding. So it only makes sense to put your physique out there.PnV Network Exclusive Bryan Hawn (1)

How often has your butt cost you modeling work because it and your upper legs are too thick to wear many of their fashions?

My butt has never cost me modeling work because I was never a fashion model.  I have always modeled swimwear, underwear, & fitness. It has only been an asset, no pun intended

Is it difficult personally to find jeans/slacks/shorts that fit you comfortably?

It is extremely difficult to find jeans because when the waist fits, there is not enough room for the ass, and when I go a size up, the waist is then too big. It just requires finding pants with a built in stretch to them

Given that people feel so ‘acquainted’ with your posterior, when they meet you in person, do some fans get handsy very quickly, Brian?  Do some people assume they automatically have access? How does that make you feel?  Where is the line?

PnV Network Exclusive Bryan Hawn (2)Yes, people can be handsy, but in the end of the day, I am in charge of who successfully touches my body. People who try without permission will be in shock by my reaction time in grabbing their hand before that happens, and I use them to set an example to everyone else around them. I am fully aware of my surroundings at all times, and therefore being in control, I feel awesome, self-respected. The rule is don’t ever put your hands on somebody without permission. The line is whatever I decide at any given moment depending on the person and circumstance. It is my body, so if I want you to touch it, I will let you know. lol

You do a lot of exotic male dancing in clubs, ever since you arrived in L.A. years ago. I know that dancing finances a lot of your other work, but have you had instances where you found being a go-go dancer or even your sexy YouTube videos have hindered your credibility with decision-makers in more serious career endeavors? 

Bryan Hawn's Dangerous Woman (Video)
Bryan Hawn’s Dangerous Woman (Video)

It’s interesting, my whole life various people have told me that dancing would hinder my ability to do bigger things will real industry professionals. But the truth is, some of the most prominent connections I have made in my career have come directly through dancing. It has done nothing but connect me to amazing talented successful individuals who appreciate beauty and fitness and want to work with me and develop a business relationship or friendship. I have not had one experience where dancing has cost me an opportunity, it honestly has created most of them. We live in a world where people like to project their own personal judgements as fact, but the truth has spoken time and time again with nothing but more open doors.

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What is your mindset when dancing, Bryan? Beyond the routines, costumes and choreography, is the mindset simply to be a hot firecracker gyrating on stage, or do you try to connect with patrons using your sensuality and sexuality to create a fantasy for them? For you, is it erotic to have hands touching all over you in a public setting?

Bryan Hawn's Dangerous Woman (Video)
Bryan Hawn’s Dangerous Woman (Video)

I am definitely an entertainer at heart. I like to make people smile and I know for me how much my fitness motivation is tied to visualization. Being able to be that for someone else inspires me to be on my A game. Everybody wants to feel sexy and needs an outlet to connect with that part of themselves. Whether you are the one of stage, or the one appreciating, it’s important for people to liberate that part of themselves and not feel ashamed. So much of religion and conservative culture has taught people to hide their sexuality, but freeing that part of yourself in a healthy way is important mentally, physically, and contributes greatly to one’s overalls sense of well-being.

So, Bryan, back to when you first moved to LA. You were breaking into a music career, but then moved to Miami, Florida. Why?

In 2008, the industry changed, record stores closed, and many new artist were dropped. Everything went digital, so I did not have to be in Los Angeles to share my music with the world. I needed a change, so I moved to the most beautiful beach I could find.

You have said boyfriends and your career don’t mesh well.  How many serious boyfriends would you say you have had since high school?

PnV Network Exclusive Bryan Hawn (9)I have had 3 serious boyfriends since high school. I definitely focus on quality verse quantity. There is definitely not a shortage of boys knocking at my door, but finding one that is on the same page is more challenging. Most guys are in party mode. They want to go out, drink, and “have fun”. I have a lot of dreams that I want to see happen, and I know that spending time in the bars and scene is not the route to making that happen, so I focus on staying prolific with my videos, consistently putting out quality content, and building my audience. The bars will always be there, and the same people will be always be in them. Recently, I have been successful connecting with boys that are artistic, creative, and have their own dreams that they are pursuing. It has been exciting and synergistic. I’m excited to see what happens.

While in Miami, things took a bizarre turn.  Some people may not know about your well-documented fame with Jake, the African spotted hyena.   Hyenas are known as fierce predators.  You purchased him as a baby and raised the untamable, strong-jawed animal in your apartment.  He lived with you about nine months before you realized the exotic animal was far more than you could handle.  The story of you and Jake were featured in National Geographic, Animal Planet and Discover channels.   The situation became very complicated and complex.  And, to be frank, very controversial.    It is certainly a cautionary tale.  Not to rehash everything as people can google this subject….but,  my question is,….Bryan, what in the world were you thinking?PnV Network Exclusive Bryan Hawn (10)

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I don’t expect everyone to understand my story and definitely don’t encourage anyone to take the same path that I took. It is a series of events that were apart of my journey in life, and the things that transpired were beyond amazing, and I have zero regrets. I am grateful for the challenges because they were the catalyst for a bond that was beyond human understanding. I have been asked that question so many times that I wrote an autobiography titled, “How the Heck Did You End Up with a Hyena?” You can read exactly what I was thinking every step of the way. It is a story filled with laughter, tears, and most importantly love. Here’s the link: http://www.lulu.com/shop/bryan-hawn/how-the-heck-did-you-end-up-with-a-hyena/ebook/product-21671488.html 

PnV Network Exclusive Bryan Hawn (15)So Jake was ultimately bounced around a bit to different Florida zoos for various reasons. I guess she’s now at home in Punta Gorda, FL at the Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary?  When have you last visited her?   How was the visit?

Two zoos think it’s a he, the other two think it’[s a she. They are very difficult to sex, and even with a DNA test, results are still inconclusive. To me, he will always be Jake. I visit him on his birthday every year in January, and a lot of times travel to see him for my birthday in June. I usually video our interactions, so you can find the most recent ones on my youtube channel.

After the hyena, you had Beamer, a pet sloth. Tell us about that.

Beamer was my two-toed sloth. He currently resides at the same zoo as Jake. He taught me the value of patience and learning to live in the moment. He never rushes into anything and was a constant reminder that happiness is only found in the present moment.

PnV Network Exclusive Bryan Hawn (16)So, is zoology in your future?

I worked for Miami Zoo shortly after raising Jake. I was in charge of animal & people interaction with the camels, rhinos, and giraffes. I think the relationship I have built with Jake and my previous experiences have been enough at this point. But who knows, some of my happiest moment have been interacting with animals. I try to incorporate animal encounters into my current youtube videos. Interacting with wild penguins, elephants, seals, and monkeys have made certain parodies some of my all-time favorites.

bryan hawn TIWYCF
Bryan Hawn’s This is what you came for (Music Video)

In 2013, you feel asleep driving and crashed your car in Florida. Tell us about that and the ramifications.   

Sometimes in life, you think something is a set back and it’s actually a set up. What you think is working against you is actually working for you. That car crash is single handedly responsible for the launch of my youtube career. I was forced to quit my gymnastics job in Tampa where I ran the boys program and move in with mom. I had to leave my students, which broke my heart. Living in close quarters with my mom created a lot of tension, so she told me I had to stay with my dad. I had not seen my dad in 3 years and the last time I saw him, he was beating me over the head with a Bible for being gay. When I called him, he told me I was not allowed in the main house, but could stay in the guest house. When I walked inside, the walls were gray blocks of stone as I came to terms with my new world of isolation.PnV Network Exclusive Bryan Hawn (3)

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My whole life has seemed to come crashing down, and I seemed to had lost everything. At that time, Miley Cyrus came out with her music video, “Wrecking Ball”. As I looked around, I realized I had the perfect set to reenact this video. So I had a friend drive me to Home Depot, and I bought an exercise ball and a sledge hammer and launched my first parody music video. Not only did it launch my youtube career into the millions, but it set my life financially free. At that point, I moved to San Francisco where I would not need a car and started making youtube videos full time.

You often travel abroad. What have been your favorite places to visit?

My favorite places have been Gold Coast, Australia; Kruger National park, South Africa; and the Faulkland Islands of the coast of Argentina.

As Meghan Trainor sang, it’s ‘all about that bass!”   Your bass is on the Mt. Rushmore of booty’s. Your fantasy, Bryan….FOUR celebs this summer can have a booty call with you (select amongst any actor, model, singer, athlete)….name the four you hope come calling.

James Marsden for sure is at the top of the List. I fell in love with him, the second I saw him in “The Notebook.”  I still haven’t forgiven Rachel McAdams for choosing Ryan Gosling. JK!  2nd is Chris Pine.  3.  Zac Efron.  4. Brody Weston from “Glee”.PnV Network Exclusive Bryan Hawn (17)

You have many fans who adore you. But, you also have many critics. You even recently wrote and composed a song about this called  “Kiss My Ass”. Why do you think you are a bit polarizing?  Do the naysayers with mean comments ever bother you?

Bryan Hawn's Kiss My Ass (Video)
Bryan Hawn’s Kiss My Ass (Video)

I realized that people will only take time to try to bring you down if they can visibly see that you are rising. Anyone in the limelight will always have supporters and critics. It is not a reflection of you. You just become an outlet for peoples own self projections. If somebody is a loving person, you will get a loving comment. If somebody is filled with hate, their comment will reflect that. Having haters is just a sign that your career is moving forward, when they stop hating is when you actually need to be worried. The key is to focus on the fans that love you.

Flash Bulb Round…quick, simple responses:

–Fave sin food?  Sour Patch Kids

–Fave movies:  a) action/fantasy   b) tearjerker   c) comedy?

   The Notebook, Inception, & Kung Fu Panda

Bryan Hawn's Kiss My Ass (Video)
Bryan Hawn’s Kiss My Ass (Video)

–What do you wear to bed most nights?  Nothing

 –Fave singer:  Mariah Carey

–Fave beach?  Bora, Bora

–One thing your fans would be shocked to know about you?  I’m addicted to sour patch kids

         Give us some links to the best places for people to reach out to you as well as purchase your products.   

Best place to reach me is at BryanHawn.com . It has all social media links, contact info, and online shop.PnV Network Exclusive Bryan Hawn (4)

For more on Bryan Hawn:

To order Bryan’s aforementioned book, ‘THE LIST’.

For Bryan’s website, & online store: http://www.bryanhawn.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/OfficialBryanHawn

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/bryanhawnofficial/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/BryanHawnItunes

Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/user/BryHawn/videos (subscribe today)

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