A Bad Pretty Boy: Canadian Adam Dawda /PnV Interview

A Bad Pretty Boy:

Canadian Adam Dawda

/PnV Interview

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Adam Dawda runs the gamut from bad boy to pretty boy to geek.   You can certainly find a little bit of all these traits in him. I’ve known Adam for about 3 years and interviewed him previously. He’s always been a forthcoming and interesting subject. Adam brings a dedicated, blue collar approach to modeling. No stranger to hard labor, he’s previously been employed as a landscaper, appetizer chef, warehouse worker, tile setter, and commercial water proofer. Fun, energetic, passionate and artistic, Adam readily admits to loving attention and having an exhibitionist streak in him.

Photo by Matthew Haylett


With this interview, you will see new images by two photographers who, like Adam, are based in Vancouver – Roberutsu and Matthew Haylett. You can find more information on them at the end of the interview. I present to you my chat with Adam Dawda:

So this is our 3rd PnV interview together, Adam. When I retire, will you be at my farewell party?

Damn, is this really our third interview? Aren’t you getting terribly bored of me by now?  Well yes, I think it rather mandatory that I be there!

Photo by Matthew Haylett


Give us your basic stats. Age/height/weight, hair and eye color? What is your hometown & where do you reside today? Who represents you?

I’m 26 and at this point I wouldn’t mind it staying that way. 6’2 and a bit, round about 185 pounds, brown eyes and hair. Hometown is Vancouver in beautiful fucking British Columbia, Canada. My mother agency remains Attitude Models.

You have been modeling now for 3 years. But, you returned from your big 12 month modeling adventure last August. Tell us what our International Man of Mystery was up to?

I was trotting all over China the past year; I lived in Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong as well as traveling to countless other cities/regions for jobs… working the rice fields of course – who says I was modeling there? 😉

How did this gig come about?  Did you hesitate to go?  Originally, I don’t believe it was supposed to be for a year, why did you extend the stay? Can you speak about what it was like culturally in China and how you adapted?

Photo by Roberutsu


It had always been planned to try the Asian market – though be it only for 3 months initially. It went well and we decided to move me around and keep me out there as long as I could stand from one placement to the next, which ended up being one year exactly. I must say that China is a very interesting place culturally and is certainly in a very unique spot of clashing identities, ideologies and political structures. It took some time to adapt to everything, but I felt quite quickly at home in some ways; I think it’s partially because you live and are surrounded by many foreigners yourself and everyone is in the same boat.

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Career-wise, what was the highlight(s) of the trip?

Ohhh man I never know how to answer this type of question – there were many great experience and times, but they are hard to quantify and to express one as a standout sells short the rest of them!

You said this Asian trip changed you forever. What did you mean?  What personal learnings and experiences did you take away?

The past year of travel certainly did change me, though it must be said that had I not been travelling I would have been changed also – time shapes us without us knowing or willing it. That being said, there were many new places, situations, and people I came across – both good and bad – that perhaps accelerated the process of personal growth within me. One of the largest lessons I learned while on my journey is that one may only rely on himself.

Photo by Roberutsu

How did it feel to touchdown in North America, Adam, after such a long work assignment? 

Well, it was much anticipated and I was extremely excited to reconnect with family and friends! …but of course, as life would have it, I caught something nasty right before my twenty something hour straight flight home, and so, immediately after landing spent almost 48 hours sleeping (I am not exaggerating).  It’s quite a joy to be away from home for a year only to meet your old city and see that nothing has changed; there is a comfort in that – though I felt different myself within it, which was to be expected.

Photo by Matthew Haylett

So, in the Americas, you’re famous for doing very sexy shoots in not so much clothing…and we love you for that!!!!   But, you spent a lot of time in Asia fashion modeling didn’t you?    What was that like for you?

Underwear and pubes – it’s what I’m known for right? It was quite a mix of work while I worked abroad; it ranged from fashion shows, catalogues, campaigns, but they included underwear too, of course! I still prefer shooting with minimal clothing though… I find it more freeing – an easier way to express yourself; you can speak with your entire body without the restriction of clothing. The entire body is used for communication after all!

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Going forward, what are your modeling plans?

My plans moving forward are to try the US market!  We are trying to get this Spring/Summer season. I would love to go back to LA or NYC!

Your shoots with Rick Day, whom I know you had a blast shooting with, put you on the radar for many fans in 2013. How did that shoot come about? Any plans to work together again?

Photo by Matthew Haylett

Yes – and those are still some of my favorite photos I have! My management at the time had great photographer connection in New York, so it was without difficulty I got to shoot with him. When I’m in that hood of the world next, it’s on.

In Feb, 2014, you shot with many LA photographers—Hoover, Cullis, Ford & Kaminski– in what I recall was one very hectic week.  Any plans to re-visit LA or NYC soon and do some shoots?

It was a shoot filled week indeed and well worth my time/stress 🙂 I would love to shoot with all of them again next time I’m back down.

I think one of my favorite shoots, Adam, was the one with Ted Sun. Tell us about that shoot and how the images came out so beautiful.

Yes, and if I remember correctly, that photo shoot got a lot of love. I think the mood was just set well for it – I had an early mentor and friend of mine with me who in fact styled and directed the shoot; he got a lot of energy out of me. We were also somewhat pressed for time and so we had to nail it and move on!

Prior to modeling and personal training, tell our readers about some of the many jobs you had…you’re not afraid of hard work are you?

Absolutely not! I have worked construction, landscaping, floorer, and general labor among other things. I have busted my ass rain or shine.


Photo by Roberutsu

That’s a lot of tough-guy jobs, yet people always describe you as ‘beautiful’ and ‘pretty.’ How does that feel? 

Hahaha feminine words like “pretty” don’t bother me the slightest – they are a compliment to me.

Photo by Roberutsu

I know you enjoy depicting in imagery the masculine side of sexuality.   Is that something you would like to explore more in-depth in your future work?

Definitely, the masculine side of sexuality is perhaps underexposed in our society and so probably underappreciated and misunderstood.

This is a ‘use your vivid imagination’ question. Describe your vision of the most perfect sexy photo shoot. Where are you? What are you doing? What are you wearing?

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Honestly, and probably much to some of your disappointments, I don’t need to draw too heavily on my “vivid imagination” to come up with an answer. My favorite photos of me are the ones where I feel I am being myself; underplayed and in a natural situation. I think honesty and openness are the sexiest things.

You have often admitted to being a bit of an exhibitionist and loving attention. Where does that come from? Does it feel as equally liberating during the shoot as when you see the final product?

Photo by Matthew Haylett

I suppose it is just a natural trait of mine and I’ve always been that way. THOUGH, there are times I don’t want to see people or be seen – I can sometimes be a recluse. I would say it is different altogether; when you are shooting you are focusing on achieving the character and mood of the shoot. The reward comes when you finally see the FINAL product.

You have also taken up photography recently. Is this something you’re considering as a long-term career move? How would you describe your photography? Where can readers check out your work?

Yes, definitely. Visual art has been something important and a part of my life since an early age, though I only picked up a camera about a year ago! With my photography I try to tell a story about a person or a place – or perhaps a feeling in me that I am trying to communicate. I think I like to capture PEOPLE the most – I try to capture a part of who THEY are.  My website is

Photo by Roberutsu

Since you’re a personal trainer, tell us a) how to get your abs and 2) how to develop your nice butt?

Simply put: Abs=diet. Ass=Squats.

Time for the Flash Bulb round….fast, short answers:

–Favorite 2 sports/activities to participate:   concerts and exercise

–Male model inspirations:  David Gandy

–Favorite healthy food & favorite sin food:  hummus & pizza

–Geekiest 2 traits:  reading & video games

–What do you wear to sleep?   Nude (in the European style)

–Favorite fashion designer:  honestly, I don’t really follow fashion

–Pets:  none, but I love animals!

–One political issue that could make you an activist?   Equality

–% of time you leave home commando?  10%

–What musical talents do you have?  I like to sing and play drums/guitar

Photo by Roberutsu

Where can readers find you on social media?

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/adamdawda89

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/adamdawda/


You can find photographer Roberutsu on social media at:




You can find photographer Matthew Haylett at:



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