Fashionable Gadgets for Men

Gone are the days when women were the only ones that dressed up and were admired. This new era has seen a new breed of men raise up and take notice of themselves. This is why it is not uncommon to see a lot of men dress up in the latest fashion these days. There is however, only one thing that men love more than fashion and that is gadgets. But what if gadgets could be combined with fashion to make fashionable and wearable gadgets for men? There are various gadgets that look great on a man, that can be worn absolutely anywhere that you choose.

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The Electronic Drum Shirt
The Electronic Drum Shirt

The electronic drum shirt is one that is considered weird and wonderful. It is a t-shirt with that has a drum pad on the front. You can tap out any beat of your choice and if you get tired, just give it a rest for a little while. These t-shirts are retailing at $30. They make a great fashion item for any occasion, whether you wear it at a casual family outing or for weekends.

the silic shirt
Silic Shirt

The Silic shirts are another crazy invention and gadget that every dad will love. Instead of wetting your shirt when your drinks are accidentally spilled on it, the liquids simply role off this t-shirt.

The keyboard pants
The keyboard pants

The keyboard pants may sound a bit weird, but it really does exist. This pair of trousers can be considered modern and stylish and the best part is that it has a working keyboard on it as well as a mouse and pair of speakers.

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UP wristband
UP wristband

Up is a wristband that basically tracks your sleeping patterns and movement. It uses advanced algorithms that you upload to your phone and helps you get into shape, physically.

Apple Watch
Apple Watch

Smart watches are the latest craze. Not only do many of them have all the functionality of a real smartphone, but they look extremely fashionable as well. So you get the best of both worlds. You can look good and have access to your calls, texts and more all on one smart watch on your wrist.

smarty rings
Smarty rings

Smarty ring works on pretty much the same principles as smart watches, however, they can fit on your finger. Using Bluetooth technology it syncs to your phone and allows for email alerts, texts and call notifications. One of the best things about smarty ring is that is it waterproof and it charges every 24 hours wirelessly.

 There are many more gadgets out there designed to be multi-purpose. Not only does this make using modern gadgets fashionable, but ensures you get functionality out of all your accessories. There is nothing more practical than having a watch that looks great on your wrist and has various functions too. If you are like most men, you don’t see gadgets as fashion accessories and steer clear of this approach, however there is no harm in trying out new things as you never know which one might just tickle your fancy.

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