The Ultimate Guide to Shot Long Hair Model features Alex Libby

The Ultimate Guide to Shot Long Hair Male Models featuring Alex Libby

Even when they have wet long hair. 

Fashionably Male presents The Ultimate Guide to Shot Long Hair Model features Alex Libby. This is a clearly example how can be done, with your current camera (Cannon, Nikon, your choice) don’t need an extra lens, just try to focused and shot.

This clearly example can be done outdoors or indoors, studio, is completely up to you. In the example these shots are from Select Models Agency, probably can be shot by an iPhone, or some smart phone, but the thing is that you can do it and take this reference to do this work better.

The Model with Long Hair

Is one of the most important thing and probably it will cost you to organized, scheduled, and do some arrangements, to shot a beautiful male model, not only who posses an exquisite face and toned body, this can’t be undone if the model has a really bad long hair.

How can you fixed if the model has a broken hair? Sorry, but you can’t, you just have to choose another one. Because is so damn hard to fixed hair on Photoshop.

Picture this, your client came over and asked you to invoice new shots for a Long Hair Campaign but with guys!, well this is what are you going to do:

Casting Long Hair Male Models

  1. Masculine attitude
  2. Hot Body
  3. Hairy / Beard including
  4. Not too much hair on body
  5. Natural long hair
  6. No broken or split ends
  7. If it’s dyed, what hair color is, and it is damaged?

There’s so much product and chemicals for hair damaged, I can’t name any one, Google it.

See also  Clément Chabernaud for Theory Spring/Summer 2015 Men's Campaign

You have to talk with your client and then your hairstylist what is the proposal of the Campaign, after that, let’s work. Your hairstylist will do the best work possible, ’cause now depends on your shots, modeling his long hair and hairstylist’s work.

Back to model Alex Libby,  his looks is a beautiful Californian masculine guy above 25yo, in the pictures he has wet hair, which is fine, because this is only to present actually looks of the model.

The Ultimate Guide to Shot Long Hair Model features Alex Libby (4)To inspire you, watch over the poses, the attitude, the smile, the body language Alex possess. Look how masculine -sorry to use this word- but it is what it is, look how masculine grabs his hair. Notice that?

Well at last, the clothing, I’m not comfortable about Alex clothing, but, it can be simple:

  • Plain Shirts
  • Shirtless
  • unbuttoned shirtless jackets
  • No plaid shirts
  • No striped shirts
  • Use swimwear
  • Nice black two buttoned suit

And shot there and here and in studio, whatever, but shot. Get a nice work and please edit some of them, to choose the final to post over to your client, magazine, or blog.

Model: Alex Libby

Pictures by Select Models

Words by Fashionably Male – Chris Cruz.


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