Diesel ‘For Successful Living’ A/W 2016-17 Campaign by Terry Richardson

The relaunch of the Diesel campaign ‘For Successful Living’ and the publication of his book ‘Skinny’ rescues photographer of his ostracism.

2014 was not a good year for Terry Richardson. After decades of provocation, apparently it simulated models who had worked for him began to speak and not just to flatter him.

Charlotte Waters accused him of forcing her to masturbate in a photo shoot in 2009. In turn, Sara Ziff and Alise Shoemaker, from Model Alliance (association for the rights of the models) claimed that they would not work for him for similar reasons. And more people appearing in his book Terryworld (Taschen, 2004) also expressed its intention to denounce.

In fact, there were several boycott campaigns against him, for brands hire him to photograph would stop their campaigns. Birtish gal Alice Ehrenfried launched a petition on Change.org and reporting on Tumblr, supported by the eponymous hashtag #NoMoreTerry was also created.

Richardson defended his accusations denied any abuse on his part and the thing was there. He never stopped working (although in 2015 he shots Mar Saura in the campaign for GNP Seguros) but its image was irreparably played and figure in the world of fashion went to the background.

Richardson now reappears but with a new, less sexual charisma. As if before going on stage it had applied the Valencia filter Instagram. Now the photographer is father of twins and joined the group of parents showing the world the images of their offspring without shame. In his way, of course.

Today September 9th, goes on sale his new book Skinny (Idea, 2016), which portrays his family privacy. Life with his partner Alex (also known precisely as Skinny) since they met until they birth twin sons. Vacations, naked shots and even expressions of the mother while giving birth, represented in the 160 photos that make up the volume.

Photographer explained in an interview to the magazine Papermag.com that: “Although the book is not purely chronological, seems to take us and brings us to different parts of our relationship, obviously culminating with the birth of Rex and Roman. One of the first images is the first day we met and it was fun recover and remember”. 

The launch coincides with the recovery of the Diesel campaign “For Successful Living”, to celebrate 30 years of presence in Japan. Directed by Nicola Formichetti,features Abby Brothers, Gustavo Sanches, André Hamann, Francisco Perez, Gustavo Sanches, Jun Sung, Austin Weinreb, Alex Minsky, among others.

Terry Richardson – Photographer

Lotta Volkova – Fashion Editor/Stylist

Nicola Formichetti – Fashion Editor/Stylist

Duffy – Hair Stylist

Mark Carrasquillo – Makeup Artist

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