Look what I got: Luke Forche by Joem Bayawa

Look what I got, here’s Luke Forche photographed by Chicago based photographer Joem Bayawa.

The Fall 2016 themed outfits are from a local fashion store in Chicago called Jax and Debb and the swimsuit is from Aronik.

We presented Luke in the past month, in a black and white session where we appreciated Luke fit toned body, dedicated 100% to build and care his body.

Scroll down below and see what I got:

Look what I got: Luke Forche by Joem BayawaLook what I got: Luke Forche by Joem Bayawaluke-forche-by-joem-bayawa-2luke-forche-by-joem-bayawa-3luke-forche-by-joem-bayawa-4luke-forche-by-joem-bayawa-5luke-forche-by-joem-bayawa-7luke-forche-by-joem-bayawa-8Look what I got: Luke Forche by Joem Bayawaluke-forche-by-joem-bayawa-10luke-forche-by-joem-bayawa-11luke-forche-by-joem-bayawa-12luke-forche-by-joem-bayawa-13


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