PnV Exclusive Interview: Blake Kalawart shots by Tony Duran

by Chris Chase @ChrisChasePnV

You know how sometimes you come across someone that just “cool”. I mean they don’t even try, they just are. That’s Blake Kalawart. This Michigan guy radiates personality and charm. He’s also easy on the eyes. Blake has recently moved to LA to chase that big dream of being an actor. I was able to sit down with him prior to the move and talk about life. I think you’ll enjoy getting to know him as much as I have!

Chris Chase: Blake it’s so nice to finally get to sit down for this interview! I can tell you, I’ve looked frward to it. Let’s start with your basic stats.

Blake Kalawart: Stats: Certainly! I’m 6”2 with brown hair and green eyes. My birthday is October 26 and my hometown is Grand Rapids MI. I’m working with Elite Miami, lilys Chicago and unique in Grand Rapids. I also recently signed with LA models and got to shoot with Tony Duran!blake-kalawart-by-tony-duran-1

CC: WOW! That’s huge! Congrats on that opportunity. How long have you been in the biz and what lead you down that road?

BK: I’ve been modeling for about 10 months.  I originally did not want to get into modeling when I was younger  because I was busy with sports and school  but a lot of people kept telling me to get into it and it seemed like a good time meeting new people and traveling, so here I am. I also have two older sisters that modeled so they were helpful with tips and advice.

CC: Well I guess it’s true what they say, it runs in the family. Lol. Tell me what you’re most proud of.

BK: I received Honorable mention every year in High School football and I also was voted most attractive in the mock elections haha! I’m most of proud of my signing with Elite in Miami, they are a very prestigious agency and I’m honored to be represented by them.

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CC: Tell me about your long term aspirations.

BL: I want to be the best damn model I can be until my handsome looks run out.  When I’m done modeling maybe I’ll try to get into acting on the big screen. Also I’d like to travel and help people if I ever had the money to do so.blake-kalawart-by-tony-duran-2

CC: I don’t think those looks are gonna run out anytime soon! If you weren’t modeling what would you be doing?

BK: I’d be going to a trade school or trying to become a firefighter because I could never survive an office job I’m to ADD to sit all day.

CC: I can definitely see that! You can’t sit still. Tell me about your workout routine.

BK: Run a mile, upper body free weights, run a mile, 15 to 20 min of abbs, run a mile.  Basically a lot of cardio doing low weights with high reps.

CC: Tell me what a perfect day for Blake is.

BK: Wake up on a Saturday and hit the beach with all my friends. Go tubing and wakeboarding on the boat maybe have a few drinks. Play some toss with either a football or lacrosse ball. Then find some girls and have a fire on the beach, maybe go for a late night dip in good ol Lake Michigan.blake-kalawart-by-tony-duran-3

CC: Okay, I hear Lake Michigan is COLD! I don’t know about that. What’s your favorite chart food?

BK: CHINESE BUFFET!!!!!! I mean the American version of Chinese food haha the terrible stuff that taste oh so delicious.

CC: What do you do in your limited spare time?

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BK: If I ever get some spare time I’m usually binging on Netflix or napping, I love my sleep.

CC: Amen! Let’s do a rundown of your favorites.

BK: Californication will always be my favorite. David Duchovny’s character Hank is my idol and it’s a great love story. My favorite movie? That’s a hard one.  An easier answer would be anything with Johnny Depp. Favorite sports in order: Football, lacrosse, basketball and volleyball.  Favorite team would be the Detroit Lions no matter how bad they do.blake-kalawart-by-tony-duran-4

CC: Tell me something your NOT good at.

BK: Hmmmm  I’ve always hated public speaking but it’s something I’m working on. At some point in my career I’m going to have to face the music and get over my fears.

CC: Someone as gregarious as yourself should be a great public speaker! Who was your childhood hero?

BK: Batman! Even though I look like Superman I’ve always been a fan of the bat probably because he had to fight Poison Ivy who was my first crush as a child haha.blake-kalawart-by-tony-duran-5

CC: You do look like Clark Kent! I was a Batman guy myself. It’s desert island time. One book, one movie, one food.

BK: One book- Game of Thrones because it has everything you need to get you through haha. One movie- It would either be BLOW or Step Brothers depends on what mood I’m in. Food-  Authentic Mexican food tacos to be specific.

CC: I’m all in on those! If I asked your friends to describe you, what would they say?

BK: They would probably say that I’m a very relaxed guy until I have a few drinks haha. They would say I’m athletic and a little bit of a ladies man. A nice guy as long as you’re nice to me. Little bit of a free spirit that likes to travel. Very easy going.

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CC: I can see all of that. How would you describe yourself in one word?

BK: Chill. Like I said I’m a go with the flow kind of guy, not much bothers me. I don’t like to stress or sweat the small things.

CC: Tell me who inspires you, both personally and professionally.

BK: Personally- My mother, I’m a big moma’s boy. Not a coddled one just a boy who loves and respects his mother. She’s my biggest fan and is always pushing me to be the best I can be. Professionally- Lucky Blue Smith I’m straight up jealous of that kid haha he’s killing the game right now.blake-kalawart-by-tony-duran-6

CC: Where do you see yourself in five years?

BK: My own place in Miami or La by the beach with a potential wife and a pure bread wolf for a pet. That sounds pretty good to me and hopefully I’m doing big things in the industry by then. No kids until I’m at least thirty years old.

CC: Tell me something few people know about you.

BK: I bite my teeth on one side of my mouth when I pass a side street on the corresponding side. It’s a minor OCD thing. Lol

CC: Tell the followers something about you they should know.

BK: Someday I hope to join the free the nipple cause in NY. I’m a big fan of the movement lol. Maybe someday I’ll walk naked with them. Oh, and my snap is Kallly because that’s my nickname and it comes from my last name not the state of California. Also I hope there isn’t any grammar natzis read.blake-kalawart-by-tony-duran

Blake Kalawart Instagram https://www.instagram.com/blakeandrewkalawart/

Photography by Tony Duran https://www.instagram.com/tonyduranphoto/

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