What we need to know: Male Photo Blogs

I was not ready enough to write about this subject, but under some circumstances I have to do it.

First of all, I’ve been struggle with space here on WordPress, that’s why I can’t submit any more work, unless I have to pay for another host or more space, and I can’t afford it right now.

Well this subject, took me to this theme, to delete thousand and thousand of pictures and media to try to gain some space to present some of recent work, but I couldn’t finish. Is too much work to do. I mean, it takes too much time, delete every picture and also every post. Yeah WordPress doesn’t put in an easy way.


Anyway, back to the subject, I tried to delete and obviously I could figured it out how wonderful material I was deleting.

From every photographer and male model around the world. Some of them are still on top. And some of them are focusing in another thing, and some of them are dead.

From taken to there, we need to discuss how a male model and photographer needs a blog to exhibit their work. There’s no doubt about it. Even though you name it a blogzine, webzine, photoblog, magazine, or blog, guys who wants to be in front of the lens needs that aim to be explode and exhibited in the right way to have a career.

History of Blogging

The original blogs were updated manually, often linked from a central home page or archive. This wasn’t very efficient, but unless you were a programmer who could create your own custom blogging platform, there weren’t any other options to begin with.

And then, in 1999, the platform that would later become Blogger was started by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan at Pyra Labs. Blogger is largely responsible for bringing blogging to the mainstream.

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Back in the days, before existed Tumblr, Fotolog was one of the most mainstream underground to present any kind of picture including from so many artist and photographer, we could mention MySpace was one of the first social media from the beginning of 2000’s.

Another good example is the purchase of TechCrunch and associated blogs by AOL, which, while not a traditional media source, is one of the oldest internet companies still in existence.

Difference between male models blog and fitness male models

Gay Ok Magazines started to write and focusing on male models to ‘discover’ new faces and criticized the work of many photographers but also given to them huge success.

Like OUT Magazine, Attitude Magazine, French magazine TÊTU, DNA Magazine, to mention a few. They turning viral new muscle models, fitness trainers, but also they write about all kind of artists, movies, galleries, clothing and also gadgets and technology.

The only diference between male models blogs and fitness male models blogs are one of them are dressed and some other are undressed. —Fashionably Male

Blogs like FuckingYoung!, The Fashionisto, Male Model Scene, D’Scene, VanityTeen, and popular platforms models.com and Highsnobiety all conquered fashion scences presenting the best male models, fashion and photography. All of them with hugh success, ’cause they have so much viewers and readers.

If you are willing to be the next face, and if you name is tagged on those platforms, well you’re going in the right track.

Social media to promote male models and photography

I started using Tumblr since December 2010, they are active since 2007 in New York. This platform is a microblogging and social networking website, but since day one, they’ve been blogging male models, new faces, new artist, from mainstream to the big scenario. And Buzzfeed is taking their inspiration from Tumblr.

Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and Facebook Page are must-need social platforms to connect with people. Don’t forget to use it wisely. And these will change in like 5 years or so.

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Have I said too much? there’s so much material on this subject.

They can destroy or taking you to the Fame

But please I recall to all guys who wants to start to modeling for the first time. You really need to be aware of the power of this Social Media and huge powerful platforms, ’cause they can destroy or taking you to the fame.

So there’s no time to be ignorant on this subject. Shirtless selfie pictures in a filthy bathroom are okay, but when you got your dick out…will be around the world.

You can use this kind of platform to gain recognized from people around the world in less than an hour. But also you can be defeated by killing words.

Photographers need to sign a paper with their models to have a ‘real freedom’ to share their work to exhibit to any platform they want to use.


Fashionably Male is now with some hold button on our dashboard, but will return as soon as they complete the mount to pay for next Premium plan to give the best of the best since december of 2010.

If you want to support with anything you want you can easily do via PayPal.

Remember Fashionably Male is a little platform to expose work from photographers, fashion and male models, and we don’t earn any penny at all to exhibit pictures.

If you really enjoy this kind of writing about who’s in front and behind of every lens, let me know, this week I will present several subjects to discus about.


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About the Author: Chris Cruz is a photoblogger who positively describes every photo session, male models and fashion around the world. Check out his blog Fashionably Male and sign up and submit your next shooting.


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