Meet Rastino - Exclusive Interview for Fashionably Male by JPhotography

Meet Rastino – Exclusive Interview for Fashionably Male by JPhotography

No Shame, No Fear: Rastino is conquering UK and world.

Definitely he posses a well-constructed male figure we’ve ever see before. With his charming smile, attractiveness and melting eyes Rastino a fitness model based in UK is conquering any side of this world where he jumps in.

Rastino’s work proves to be professional, who has met with the best photographers capturing the sexiest photos into the fitness world, recently his figure has been captured for the book “Naked Ibiza” by Dylan Rosser, we knew that devastates sales.

But we knew that his journey through New York was a success, posing with the best local photographers from New York City, like Kevin McDermott, Rick Day, Mark Henderson, giving iconic poses and portraits that will always remain in our favorites.

But not only that, Rastino has posing for the lens of Berlin based photographer Peter Dobias, who’s also a friend and schoolmate from High School.

Check out interview:

And check out new set exclusive for Fashionably Male

We can appreciate Rastino in Charlie by MZ, Aussie Bum undies, Diesel Jeans and a Tom ford suit and suede jacket and finally a Tom ford shirt. 

I’d like to thank José Pope– the photographer – who kindly did an amazing work not only coordinate this interview and taping, did a great work on the set by the hand of Rastino.

And thanks Rastino for the patience and be our muse. You’re a one real cool dude. 🙌 And congrats recently signed by QModels.

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