That Sweet Georgia Peach! Model Carson Aldridge/ A PnV Interview

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

They grow them hot down in the sultry, humid southeastern United States.   Georgia born and bred model Carson Aldridge is no exception.But despite his chiseled face and body, Carson is a southern gentleman and comes from a wonderful family unit.  Big hearted Carson adapted easily to modeling. He had been an athlete exceling in baseball, basketball and more, but finds modeling has casts its spell upon him.

Signed with Factor Chosen and Soul Artists Management, lately Carson has been spending time adapting to NYC, but still calls West Georgia home. In short order, Carson has already been shot by photographers like Bruce Weber, Rick Day, Lalo Torres, Jon Malinowski, Al Bruni, Bell Soto, B. Charles Johnson, Adam Raphael, and Horacio Hamlet. carsonaldridgeblakeballard206

Recently photographer Blake Ballard worked with Carson. Based in the epicenter of the Deep South, Atlanta, Georgia, Blake has been clicking some sensational top agency models from New York to Los Angeles to Miami to his hometown in Atlanta. Blake knows a lot about modeling as he himself happens to also be a full-time model.Without a doubt, Blake’s modeling experience helps him understand precisely what clients and agents are looking for in an image. With a focus on the raw emotion of his subjects and the power in the movement of the human form, he is able to capture the true character of each model he photographs. 

Enjoy the images from Blake below accompanying our interview with Carson: carsonaldridgeblakeballard207

So, first some basics, Carson. What is your age, weight, and height? Hair/eye color? Birthday?  What agencies represent you?  What is your hometown & current residence?

Age: 21. Weight: 180 pounds. Height: 6 feet. Hair color: brown and eye color:  blue/green. Birthday: 09/26/95. Agencies: Factor Chosen Atlanta/Chicago/Los Angeles and Soul NYC. Hometown:  LaGrange, GA.  Residence: West Point, GA.

So, you just graduated high school in 2014. How did a boy in West Georgia get the idea to model? Tell us the story of how you broke into modeling. 

My friends and family first mentioned it to me, saying I should try and model.  So I sent in pictures of me to agencies in Atlanta and Factor Chosen signed me!carsonaldridgeblakeballard208

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Tell us about your first shoot. How did it come about? Were you nervous?   

My first shoot was with Richie Arpino in Atlanta and I was actually not nervous.  He said I moved like I have done it before, so modeling really just came natural to me.

You recently signed with Soul Artist Management in New York. Tell us how that happened.What direction do you feel like they will take your career?

I came to New York for a photoshoot, so I met with Soul after the shoot, and they wanted to sign me. Soul is incredible and I feel like my career will take off, hopefully soon.  Since signing with Soul I have already shot for Vogue Italia and Vman magazine. So hopefully I will continue to do shoots like that and more

Has it been culture shock coming from a small southern town to the fast-paced, culturally liberal world of the modeling industry?   

It’s different, without a doubt, but I have got used to it pretty fast because I feel like I was meant to be in the modeling industry. I love it more and more every day! I still have a lot more to experience in the modeling world and I am ready and excited for it!carsonaldridgeblakeballard211

How do you think you will adapt to living in New York?

I have been living in New York for a few weeks now, and I’m getting the hang of things.  I love it here, I love the experience and I love the city.

What is it about modeling that you enjoy? You were an always an athlete.  Is that a compatible background in preparation for modeling? How critically do you analyze the final product when it comes out?

I enjoy the experience of modeling. The castings, the shoots, the other models, the photographers and of course the traveling. Being athletic defiantly helps for certain jobs like sports brands, I’m very thankful for my athletic ability. I love sports just as much as modeling.  I always love the final products when they come out because I love what I do.

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Now that you’re well out of high school, would you like to pose for more edgy and sexual material and projects?    

Yes, really depending on what it is. I have a good body that I am very proud of so I defiantly want people to see it.

Who are some photographers you would dream to shoot with?

Well I shot with Bruce Weber so that’s already one dream complete.carsonaldridgeblakeballard505

You recently shot for Vogue Italia? Tell us all about that.

The Vogue Italia shoot was amazing, full of amazing people and models!  By far one of my favorite shoots yet. It was the real experience of a photoshoot.

You have shot several times with Atlanta-based photographer Blake Ballard.   Do you guys have a good chemistry? He’s a model as well, what’s the best advice he’s given you?

Blake is an incredible photographer and an incredible person. Blake and I have become better friends every time we shoot, which makes the pictures even better! He’s one of my favorite photographers to shoot with! The best advice he has given me is to just be myself and that’s exactly what I do.

You have also worked with legendary photographer Rick Day. What was that like?

Rick Day was awesome! We had fun when we shot which is always amazing. He is a great guy and a great photographer. I love all the pictures he took.

What has been the strangest thing to happen to you as a model…perhaps on a set, or a casting or a fan engagement, etc?

Nothing super strange has happen yet lol, but I do get a lot of crazy DM’s from fans and some not from fans.

What has been the response from family and friends in Georgia about their Carson becoming a model? Do you get a lot of grief about the steamy images?

My family and friends support me 100%, and they are very proud of me. My family doesn’t really like some of the pictures I take or post haha, but they just don’t understand how the modeling world works. But I have the best family and friends in the world and I thank God every day for them.carsonaldridgeblakeballard506

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How would you describe your personal fashion style, Carson?

Well my style has gotten a lot better! There is no high fashion where I come from lol. I love the fashion world and the clothes. I just upped my wardrobe recently so now I got some style.

When did you become aware that you are starting to attract legions of fans…and    that most of them are men?

My Instagram is getting bigger and bigger which I love because that’s what I want. Yes a lot of my followers are men, but I’m just happy that I have fans that love seeing my pictures as much as I do and I hope to continue to gain more and more followers.

Upon reflection, describe your personality.

I’m a southern boy that was very well raised. I am very kind, respectful and a gentleman. I am funny and I have a very big heart. I do not hate or judge, I love everyone. I am a great friend and a great person. I am very blessed and I thank God each and every day.

What about Carson Aldridge might surprise people to know?

How accepting I am.

Now the Flash Bulb Round…..quick, simple responses:

–Favorite movies:  a) action/fantasy film?  Jason Bourne    b) comedy film?   Mike & Dave, Jackass   Tearjerker? The Notebook

–Favorite college & pro sports teams?   Georgia Bulldogs & Atlanta Braves

–The 2 exercises that you find most beneficial to you?  Barbell bench, sit-ups

–Favorite underwear brand & style?  Calvin Klein boxer briefs

–Two places where you would love to do a photo shoot one day?  Bora Bora and Hawaii

— What do you usually wear to bed?   Gym shorts

–What one political issue could inspire you to become an activist?  I don’t know, hopefully none.

–Your biggest vice? None

–What TWO physical features do people compliment you on the most?   Abs & obliques.

–Your 3 favorite musical artists?  21 Savage, Bruno Mars, Drake.carsonaldridgeblakeballard203

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You can find photographer Blake Ballard on the web at:

Web:  http://www.blakeballard.com/



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