When bodybuilding photography becomes the sexiest thing you ever see – René de la Cruz

So you wanna be a fitness model, see how photographer René de la Cruz successfully shoots fitness muse Martín Gómez in aesthetics body shots.

Easily but taking care of it, René adores the male figure in every form. Lately he has taking a lot of testing body shots, studying every angle and figure.

For many years, mankind has been inspired by the male figure. This time René exposed with us, how he did it with muse Martín Gómez.

René de la Cruz has explored and studied softly lighting, shades and how the body reacts on dark shadows and colors.

Fitness model Martín cooperates with so much grace and attitude. Speaks highly of his professionalism.

Martín is a candidate for 2015 Chile Mr Universe.

See example below:

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