Lucas Bloms: Backpacking His Way to Stardom /PnV Exclusive

Lucas Bloms: Backpacking His Way to Stardom /PnV Exclusive

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Model Lucas Bloms is gathering legions of fans very quickly. The North Dakotan is a late-bloomer who is now taking the industry by storm. Handsome looks? Check. Great body?  Check. But Lucas brings some lively personality to the table. Witty, charismatic, clever, a tad unpredictable, there is nothing cookie cutter about Lucas, who is also quite bright and possesses a masters degree. I think you are going to enjoy reading about colorful Luke, and find him to be very genuine and forthcoming.   

Recently, while visiting New York City, Luke got to shoot with talented photographer Thomas Synnamon. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Synammon is based in Union City, NJ and has worked for over a decade in the fashion industry between NY and NJ. Synnamon is known for shooting dramatic images of men with an emphasis on body and beauty. His editorial-fashioned style shoots are very popular with leading modeling agencies.


Enjoy our exclusive interview with Lucas Bloms accompanied by the amazing images from Thomas Synammon. In a few photos, you will find Lucas posing with model Patrick Clayton.

So, first some basics. What is your age, weight, and height? Hair/eye color? Birthday?  What agencies represent you? What is your hometown & current residence?

26 years old, 190 lbs, 6’2” tall;  Blonde hair, blue eyes;  Birthday: September 4, 1990;  Good Talent Management, Elite Miami, Daman Istanbul, Directions USA;  Hometown: Berthold, North Dakota Currently: Miami, Florida

First, your personality really shines through on your social media, Luke. What were you like as a kid growing up in North Dakota? What was your family like?

I’ve always had a weird sense of humor/personality. My family was very sarcastic. Holidays were a warzone. I grew up on a farm. North Dakota is great except for the weather. It’s a very conservative state, so nobody understands my lifestyle, but everybody there is very nice. My family still lives and works in North Dakota.

You received your masters degree in kinesiology, which is the study of body movement. Fascinating area of expertise! First, why did you choose that field? Secondly, is there some area you would like to purse career-wise some day in kinesiology? Finally, how does a mastery of this discipline help with modeling?

I chose Kinesiology because I’m always moving. I love fitness and I exercise every chance I get. I grew up in the gym from sports to weightlifting. Someday, I would like to use that career to own a gym. The degree actually ties into modeling really well. I learned everything I needed to know about exercise and nutrition to keep my body in shape.

Lucas Bloms: Backpacking His Way to Stardom /PnV Exclusive

Lucas, you have backpacked all around the world. What inspired and enabled you to do that? When and where have you backpacked? No doubt, this experience taught you a great deal, but give us a few top-line life lessons that you picked up?

Travel has been the single greatest and worst experience of my life. It’s absolutely amazing to go wherever you want and see new places all the time. However, you quickly become desensitized to life.  It takes a lot to excite me these days. I still love travel, but I always want more. You also miss home a lot, but don’t really want to go back because you’ve already been there. It’s really hard to explain.

I’ve gone through several countries in Europe, Asia, and lived in Australia. The biggest lesson I’ve learned from backpacking is that people learn through doing. Trial and error leads to experience.

Lucas Bloms: Backpacking His Way to Stardom /PnV Exclusive

You also lived in Australia for a bit. Tell us how that came about and your impressions of Oz?

While backpacking, I met a lot of Australians. I always got along with them really well.  They seemed like very happy, outgoing people and spoke highly of their country. I wasn’t ready to be done traveling at the end of my trip so I decided to live in another country for a while. I only speak English, so my options were limited. I have a love/hate relationship with Australia.  It’s a wonderful place, but it also has a lot of downsides. I lived in Sydney, which is an incredibly expensive city. Living there is very comparable to living in Miami or LA, so when I had a chance to come back to America, I took it.

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So tell us the origins of when, why, and how you broke into modeling?

I was kind of awkward when I was younger, but towards the end of college and into grad school I matured into my body a bit. I started getting a lot of odd nicknames and comments. The nicknames and comments eventually turned into people asking if I ever modeled or would be interested in it.I really wanted to finish school, so I never took it seriously. Then when I started backpacking Europe, I got a lot of attention from people and photographers. I turned down a couple of photographers that wanted to shoot me in Italy. Jogging through the streets of Berlin, a photographer ran me down and tapped me on the shoulder. So I finally decided to agree to a shoot. After that, I took it a little more seriously and decided to give it an honest shot. I hit the ground running in Australia and never looked back.

Lucas Bloms: Backpacking His Way to Stardom /PnV Exclusive

What has been the most memorable event thus far to happen to you as a model?

I can’t think of one specific event, but more the collective of experiences I’ve had. My favorite part is being able to travel to different cities and find people that want to work with me. Meeting all the different characters of this industry has probably been the best part.

Is it fair to say you are very comfortable posing without clothes? Do you ever get shy?   What is your mindset on provocative shoots? 

Honestly, I’m just comfortable in my own skin. Before I started modeling, I was most comfortable in just underwear, compression shorts, or a pair of shorts. I know what I look like, and I’m not shy. The provocative shoots are viewed more as art. It’s like a creative tease. There’s always an agreement that nude photos will never be released.  That’s just not tasteful.  But to get the right shots, the photographer will have to see you naked. It’s part of the job.

Lucas Bloms: Backpacking His Way to Stardom /PnV Exclusive

Who are some photographers whom you would dream to shoot with some day? How was it to shoot with Thomas Synnamon?

I’ve honestly shot with a lot of the photographers I want to work with, but there’s always more. Wong Sim is definitely at the top of my list to shoot with right now. The work he’s done with Mitchel Wick has inspired me.

My shoot with Thomas Synnamon was great. I took a trip up to New York and he was the first photographer I shot with. It was an awesome start to the trip.

Lucas Bloms: Backpacking His Way to Stardom /PnV Exclusive

I know ultimately you want to be an actor? You have mainly been living recently in Atlanta and Miami, are you planning to make the leap soon to LA or NYC?

I’ve worked on a couple movies in Atlanta. I’m in Miami mainly for the modeling side of things. I will have to bite the bullet soon and make the move to either LA or NY. Haven’t decided which is a better fit yet.

Where does the desire to act come from, Luke? Have you taken classes or done plays?   You have been making home videos since you were 5 years old…was that more of a creative outlet or just enjoying the attention that comes from being in front of the camera?

It’s funny you worded the question like that! Yes, that’s exactly right.  I started making home videos with my brother and cousin at 5 years old. It continued as I grew older. I bought some GoPro’s and started videoing snowboard trips with friends and weekends at my family’s lake cabin.Then I made a few travel videos of my backpack adventures. There’s something very interesting to me about being able to entertain people through pictures and video.

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Tell us what kind of acting work and film genres you envision yourself doing?

My favorite thing to watch is comedy. I could definitely see myself getting into that. I also love the Batman movies and James Bond series. Action is another genre I could see myself in.

You were a mechanic in the popular film, “The Fast & the Furious 8.” Tell us about that.

I was just featured background, so don’t expect any cool speaking roles or anything, but it was an awesome experience.  It was very cool to be a part of something that big.  The set, budget, and the stars were all top notch.

Being from conservative North Dakota, Luke, how have friends and family reacted to you modeling?   

I feel like the reactions change constantly. At first, everyone told me I didn’t know how to model, so I just laughed and said, “watch me.”  Most of my friends and family were very supportive in the beginning. But as I progressed, I slowly lost supporters. I still have a few friends and family reach out every once in a while to let me know they are still excited to see what I’m doing next. It’s always nice to hear that. In the end, I don’t really care, it’s my life and there wasn’t really anything for me in North Dakota.

Lucas Bloms: Backpacking His Way to Stardom /PnV Exclusive

So, tell us about “Project Badass?” 

Hahaha! Project Badass was something I did with one of my very good friends. Being conservative North Dakotans, none of us had tattoos. We decided we would get one on our butts just to be funny and itch the scratch of getting your first tattoo. We would know we had one, but nobody ever had to see it (so I thought anyway, then I decided to model underwear and nude). We chose random quotes from our favorite TV show, “Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”  I liked the irony of having badass written on my ass.  I don’t regret it. I think it’s a good way to get a read on someone’s sense of humor.

I’m oversimplifying, but what are your personal keys to being fit?

Honestly, fitness is simple.  That’s what people don’t understand. Yes, you can make it as complicated as you want, but just being healthy isn’t very hard.  It’s the psychology side of it that’s hard.  Everyone knows they should exercise and eat healthy, but nobody does because its easier and more fun not to. My biggest key to fitness is “consistency.”  I don’t necessarily work any harder than other people, but I will be more consistent. When people get busy or tired, exercise is the first thing to go and then it becomes a habit to skip exercise.  I exercise every day in some form no matter how busy I am. It’s really just a mindset.

What are some things that a male model prospect might be shocked to learn about the reality of male modeling?

I think they would be shocked by most of it haha. I think what most people don’t understand is that it is work. Everyone assumes you live this life of a rock star. I work more now than I did when I had normal jobs. There’s no such thing as “office hours” or “weekends.”  You can work any day of the week at basically any hour of the day.  The other thing people don’t realize is that you don’t just decide to be a model and start getting paid. It’s a popularity contest. You need to build a strong book, get the right people representing you, and get in front of the right clients. You’re essentially a salesman.

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Lucas Bloms: Backpacking His Way to Stardom /PnV Exclusive

Tell people something off the beaten path that we would be surprised to know about Lucas Bloms.

Despite my resting bitch face in all my pictures, I’m actually a really friendly person.  I’m an open book. There isn’t really much about me that people don’t know.

Now the Flash Bulb Round…..quick, simple responses:

–Favorite all-time:  a) movie comedy  b) action/fantasy film  c)  tearjerker movie?

a) Step Brothers b) Dark Knight trilogy   c) Southpaw

–Other than the USA, what 2 countries would you most like to reside?

Haha well I used to think Australia, but cross that one off the list.  I would love to live in Switzerland. That’s definitely at the top of my list. It’s absolutely beautiful and everyone is very wealthy. Other than that, I would like to live on an island like Greece. I’m a sucker for good weather.

–Favorite underwear brand & style?

I don’t really have a favorite brand. Just anything with a good fit.  My favorite style is boxer briefs.  I spend most of my time in compression shorts working out.

–Favorite sin food?

Believe it or not, I have quite a few sin foods.  I eat healthy 75% of the time, but I treat myself like you wouldn’t believe! Pop Tarts are my sin food.

–What do you wear to bed?

I’m weird. I wear jogger sweatpants and usually socks to bed. Go ahead judge me. Its comfy.

— Most accurate & least accurate stereotype of male models?

Most accurate: Models are cocky.  Yes, you need to have a very high level of confidence in yourself to do this.

Least accurate: Models are dumb. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  I have a masters degree. My roommate reads more books than anyone I’ve ever seen.I’ve had deeper conversations with model friends than a lot of people I know.Yes, there are probably idiot models out there, but that could be said about a lot of professions.


–Your biggest vice?

Alcohol. North Dakota is the nation’s biggest binge drinking state. I rarely drink anymore, but I always enjoy a good beer or catching a buzz.

–What 2 physical features do people compliment you on the most?

My abs and feet. The abs seem obvious, but the feet one surprised me. Apparently there are a lot of creepy foot fetish people out there. I have the Instagram comments and DM’s to prove it.

— On the Model Nudity Scale, rank your level of nervousness (1=none, 10=very)? 

One!  Everybody has the same parts. If I need to be naked for my job, it doesn’t bother me at all.

–Favorite brand of workout clothes?

I prefer not to wear workout clothes. I push the limits of what my gym allows.  I usually workout barefoot and shirtless. Less laundry that way haha. I’m just a fan of good compression shorts and lightweight shorts. I’m not really a slave to brands either.  I’ll wear anything that is going to be comfortable.

Finally, Luke, what is the best way on social media for people to reach out to you?

Instagram is probably the best way to reach out to me.  It’s the app I use the most and it has features now that make it easy to reach out. I have a business profile, so people can email me, and there’s always the option of sliding into the DM’s haha. I have Facebook and Twitter, but don’t check them as often. I really have no problem answering someone when they reach out as long as they are normal about it.  If you message me about how you want to smell me with 37 emojis, chances are I won’t respond.

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Web: http://www.thomassynnamon.com/


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