“Adon” Work by Photographer Carlos Campos

We are so lucky to present this stunning project “Adon” Work by Photographer Carlos Campos in our webzine Fashionably Male.

According to Wikipedia, Adon literally means “lord.” Adon has an uncertain etymology, although it is generally believed to be derived from the Ugaritic ad, “father.”

To give you an idea of what it means, the name of the Greek god Adonis is similar to a Semitic word—adon (which means “lord”). Yet there is no trace of a Semitic deity directly connected with Adonis.

Now we can focus on this beautiful work played by Spanish Fitness instagram model named Akula–– look over @ivang1984.

Akula is represented by CR2talent in Miami an agency looking for fitness hunks and muscle instagram models.

Photographed at Haulover Beach in Miami––celebrates its status as Florida’s best-known and oldest officially recognized public nude beach.

This Adon has a muscle body with gold skin

About Carlos Campos, we can say that we recently knew about his existence, but we’re glad to know him via Instagram.

Born and based in San Carlos, San Jose Costa Rica, an incredible top destination that everybody needs to live this beautiful earth.

Akula and Carlos met just right in the exact time

To perform a nudity in a nude beach in Miami is bold, because is a recognized public nude beach.

Most of Florida’s naturist beaches are tucked away on primitive, relatively remote shores, but not so with Haulover Beach.

The work reflects the hard-work Akula puts on the gym every single day. This is os inspirational, beautiful and a completely ode to 90’s bodybuilders in Miami.

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Two things I learned after seeing this: go tot Haulover Beach in Miami and Costa Rica!

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And obvs be a follower of Carlos and Akula on Insta!

Photography Carlos Campos @carloscamposphoto
Model Akula @ivang1984 @ @cr2talent_miami

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    excelente el tico sancarleño. bello.

  2. fabulous guy!

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