What a nice comeback: Duane Moreno by Joseph Bleu

In 2013, Photographer Joseph Bleu worked side by side with model Duane Moreno, all work published on Fashionably Male.

Now in 2016, they gather around one more time in New York City. And Joseph shared with us latest pictures.

It’s been three years so far, and Duane now looks long hair and his body never stopped being athletic.

What a nice comeback: Duane Moreno by Joseph Bleuduane-moreno-by-joseph-bleu2duane-moreno-by-joseph-bleu3duane-moreno-by-joseph-bleu4duane-moreno-by-joseph-bleu5duane-moreno-by-joseph-bleu6

Don’t miss out the rest of the stories feature over here in 2013. Duane is a mysterious boy, who has not lost his beauty, on the contrary he has gained a great number of experience.

Duane on IG https://www.instagram.com/duane_moreno/

Joseph Bleu https://www.instagram.com/josephbleu/

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