A great new set called ‘Graffiti’ ft DW Chase by Calvin Brockington

If graffiti on the wall changed anything at all, then it would be illegal. If scars could go away, what would you body say? Don’t ever hide your feelings…

Show as it is, DW Chase comes in a new great adventure set called ‘Graffiti’ photographed by Calvin Brockington and featuring Marcuse swimwear.

Not the first meeting, since from 2011, they have been collaborating, they meet again in 2013. DW modeling new available items from Marcuse, which are currently available to purchase online.

Best of all, it’s that DW models the pieces and looks wonderful and Calvin’s work is unquestionably good.


You can keep the trace to DW’s IG.

and Calvin’s IG @calvinbrockingtonfoto to find Behing the Scenes:


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