Pleasure Dome Yearbook Fanzine Exclusive by Joseph Lally

Pleasure Dome is a limited edition special issue photographed by Joseph Lally, available in both print & digital. It features 10 hot male models, all shot in New York.

You may know some of these handsome men already; others might be new to you. Regardless, they are all stunning and beautiful. 

See their striking images as they expose their masculine physiques in Pleasure Dome, an exclusive for Yearbook Fanzine.

Below, enjoy our FM/PnV exclusive preview. Following the images are ordering instructions and links.


Pre-order both print and digital is currently available. Officially, the print will be released on Dec. 26, 2016 and the digital will be released on Dec. 19, 2016.

The digital edition comes with a download of the PDF issue plus the two hot #NSFW videos of the cover guys. The print issue is $35 and that comes with free global shipping.

Pre-order Print link: http://bit.ly/2hExl4m

Pre-order Digital link: http://bit.ly/2hHXdte

We’ve also created 25% discount code for the digital edition which runs out on Boxing Day (26th Dec) exclusively for you!

25% off digital edition code: CA69RIEH



Joseph Lally

Fashion Editors

Matthew EllenbergerMatthew Marden & Leo Max


Andrew Lewandowski, Braeden Wright, Bruno Endler, Eian Scully, Michael Spadino and Josh Truesdell  at Soul Artist Mgmt; Henrik Thil at Q Models; Jhanelle Castillo at Ford; Mark Conte and Mirlind Morina at RE:Quest Models.

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