Keep an eye on: Actor/Model/Singer Keith Milkie

Since 1993 Keith Milkie has developed potential with his great talents and skills. Born in Johnston City, New York.

We search a lit bit about Keith, we found a true heartily passional guy, we highlights some of his personal thoughts: “On the night of my birth the Johnston City hospital experienced a terrible storm of rain and thick hail. My father, owning only a two wheel drive pickup with no heat had driven my mother and I (comfortable and sound), to the hospital to find that the storm had downed the power supply and that the hospital staff were at the mercy of a failing generator system. Now, normally, it seems we humans tend to hold a warped perception of our world including, but not limited to, the ideology of hatful successes in our actions, but I suppose, in all fairness, that it’s not until you’re pushing out a three-week late ten pound baby in the flickering darkness of a hospital room with one nurse, two flashlights, a head cold, and no doctor, that you begin to question the cliché of serendipity being the travelers best friend. So I was born. Keith Paul Milkie.”

Working under wing by talented Bruce Weber, recently won Best Photographer on British Fashion Awards 2016 – Keith pose in the news stands and billboards around the world for Versace Ads Campaign 2016, and also provides the vocals in the video Ad Campaign.

We definitely keep an eye on him, this great talent and versatile has so much to offer.

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Agency: Soul Artist Management, Next London, Why Not Milan

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Height: 6’4″

Jacket: 42L

Waist: 33

Inseam: 34

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Instagram: kmilkie


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