#MustSee Pretty Special Boy: JD by Michael Dar

One day you might realize that you need to open your eyes and type in your browser fashionablymale.net and click over every special feature we have. This one is special!

We have a pretty special boy to show you now, he’s JD a new male model singed by Ford Model in Chicago, although he’s from Oklahoma, he’s a personal trainer based in Chicago, to look up now.

JD’s motto life is: Either write things worth reading or do things worth writing.”

In next following black and white images, JD poses for the lens of Michael Dar in-a-solo-portrait photography.

Must See pretty special boy JD by Michael Dar.jd-by-michael-dar2jd-by-michael-dar3jd-by-michael-dar4jd-by-michael-dar5jd-by-michael-dar6jd-by-michael-dar7jd-by-michael-dar8jd-by-michael-dar9

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