No. 21 Fall/Winter 2017 Milan

Freedom. Protest. Association. Inclusion. Not mere slogans, but quite the contrary they are thoughts and practices underpinning a cultural attitude. Anything but meaningless proclamations, they are concepts and messages substantiating real life. As a reaction to all that we do not like, fashion turns into a way of taking a personal stand.

The N° 21 fall/winter 2017/18 men’s collection comes from a reflection on the cultural moment of the times and ideally is an impetus for change and a proposal for discussion.
«What set me in motion were the moods permeating photos of demonstrations and socio-political organization meetings from the 1970s. More than any style of dress or rallying cry on banners, what struck me were the intense feelings captured in the pictures, that spirit of freedom which marked both the thinking and the very existence of men and women back then – a spirit of freedom they also expressed through the clothes they had on.

That’s why in this collection, more than rehash fashion tenets, I gave sway to a free association of the thoughts, words, actions and lifestyles inherent to those mood and feelings,» says creative director Alessandro Dell’Acqua.

Bypassing any iconographic reference to past trends, the collection emerges as the elaboration of an attitude. It starts by analyzing the idea of protest in terms of a capacity for reaction that results in the liberty to express a sense of taste free from the restrictions of rules.

That’s the essence behind the creation of sheepskin & nylon anoraks, check peajackets with army nylon detailing, light blue crushed poplin shirts, wool & neoprene pants and coats, camel coats with camo nylon accents, pressed serge shirts and bomber jackets, striped mohair cardigans, Norwegian style sweaters with ‘split in two’ patterns, oversize puffers with gold bands along the inside hem, a shearling and a long-hair fur complete with detachable nylon windbreaker, jackets in the latest nappa leather & neoprene mix, ‘heavy’ lightweight shoes with tread soles and stud trim.

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As for the sequined fleece hood, it’s the season’s sole accessory – to sport freely with shirts and jackets, sweats and coats, adding a brilliant touch to the style conversation.

So the fall/winter 2017-18 N° 21 collection finds expression through clothes that become signs of change, messages which while describing the personality of the individual wearing them underscore his freedom of choice too.

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