Calvin Klein Collection RTW Fall/Winter 2017 New York

Raf Simons was excited to present Calvin Klein Collection Ready to Wear for Autumn/Winter 2017-18. Many people were expecting this, Raf Simons pleased to us with a work-a-wearable womenswear and menswear collection.

The Ready To Wear is showing most of all womenswear, but this time, Raf Simons goes genderless.

Inspired under street/traffic lights by New York, where Raf Simons is working in his studio, in the following collection we can find really amazing and gorgeous pieces, making a combo for girls and boys, sometimes making a duo, two pieces in one. Other times Raf Simons making genderless outfits.

Raf Simons surprised to us a few weeks ago when he decided to change Calvin Klein’s logo. Everybody turned around over to CK.

Then a week ago Raf Simons presents his own self Mens Collection for Fall/Winter making big statements that he is in love on New York City.

Now on Calvin Klein’s we can see nude tops for boys and girls, trendsetting options. Long coats, wearable denim, trousers and boots, boots and trousers. Sport jackets. For women making long skirts, mesh tops, beautiful dresses, shoes and boots.
This has been excellent fashion show over 205 W39 NYC.

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