T.O.F. by Calvin Brockington Photography

We are thrilled to present you an exclusive, unprecedented material by photographer Calvin Brockington paying tribute to Tom Of Finland, featuring new talent, JL Cantu.

For ages we have feeling inspired by Finnish creator of Tom Of Finland, Touko Valio Laaksonen, a very popular artist known for his stylized highly masculinized homoerotic fetish art, and his influence on late twentieth century gay culture.

Brockington recently admitted to Fashionably Male “I’ve been wanting to do a T.O.F. shoot for a while, but not your typical dirty, overly sex version. I wanted a more fashion inspired Tom Of Finland.”

And let me tell you this, Calvin just made it! In particular, JL has this skinny Freddie Mercury figure and looks, he easily wears skinny, leather harness including mask. Obviously a leather jacket could not miss out into this story.

Take a look:


Behind the scenes:

Photography / Make Up Artist / Stylist Calvin Brockington

Talent JL Cantu

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