Ana Locking Fall/Winter 2017 Madrid

Ana Locking presents “The Dreamer” A/W 2017 womenswear and menswear collection closes the trilogy more humanist of all my collections and perhaps this is the most utopian of the three. While in “Antihero” speaks of the troubled dreams, of those people who despite their loss of illusions, seek all kinds of personal motivations to rise countless times to dream again and risk again, fall back and start again . Those lost illusions or frustrated desires only increase the passion for believing in new dreams, new beliefs and new utopias. In “The Thinker” my admiration was for those who flee from the accommodated, those who risk a search for the different, both in their way of thinking and acting, autonomous thoughts in possession of different minds, rather naive, because they do not accept it , But brilliant for believing again in ideals, perhaps even utopian.

In “The Dreamer” it is impossible for me not to start talking about the concept of this collection without mentioning the historical reference to the struggle for freedom and civil rights of Martin Luther King in his “I have a Dream …” that beacon of hope So prevalent and even daring to say, so necessary today for so many of us as those who gathered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial of Washington back in the summer of ’63.

“The Dreamer” is also an “Antihero” and a “Thinker”, the dreamer is an illusion, he is the naive who always manages to cross the borders from the most pessimistic appraisals of his own moment to the most hopeful vision and of course no more Utopian, to dream of a different future.

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