Francis Montesinos Fall/Winter 2017 Madrid

“Adam and Eve in the Natural Paradise” entitled name of Spanish designer Francis Montesinos Fall/Winter 2017-18. The collection is, first and foremost, a tribute to the territory of the Austurias Principality, its partners, its landscapes and people, a paradise on Earth.

“Our fashion proposal begins precisely with a declaration of paradisiacal principles: Adam and Eve, the father and mother, on the catwalk in their essential and innocent nakedness, taking a dizzying leap forward and communicating with each other and with the Orb to Through mobile technology with the fashionable coverage provided by Francis Montesinos housings for their smartphones.

The fashion show closes a big progress of the Francis Montesinos Bridal Prêt-à-porter Collection for Penhalta: a unique construction with 100 meters of silk mikado for a perfect bride who advances with aplomb down the aisle of her future with all the sumptuousness and Elegance that demands that great day.

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