Baking in the Bombay Heat – Sebastian Sauve by Anushka Manon

After working in Peru, he’s now traveled to Mumbai, India, Sebastian Sauve is exploring beautiful places around the world, and he loves to share all this living experiences on his Instagram profile.

Since then Sebastian aka ‘stretch 10 year-old’ has become one of the most recognised faces in the industry. Travelling the world, shooting a string of magazine editorials, walking countless catwalk shows and building a following on social media in its thousands.

He’s working with photographer Anushka Manon in Bombay, Sebastian got such a unique look and he’s actually a super dynamic model. Look at how vibrant and awesome his poses are! Plus, he’s dead sexy. Styling by Kshitij Kankaria.

Shot edited and published in 8 hours:


Sebastian using Labels URVASHI KAUR, SUKETDHIR, RajeshpratapSingh, AnujBhutani.

Grooming by @rosbelmonte

Assisted by @divyabal

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