Low Country Boil – Carolina Model Harrison Fister / PnV Exclusive

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Where the Cooper and Ashley Rivers converge into beautiful Charleston Harbor, you don’t have to look far for a tasty Low Country Boil….mix in some shrimp or your favorite shellfish along with sausage, corn, potatoes and whatever else your heart desires for a Carolina feast!

Harrison Fister by Sean P. Watters
Ph Sean P. Watters

But, indeed, you must have some seasoning, right? How ‘bout a dash of spicy-hot Harrison Fister? This Fresh Face modeling discovery is emerging faster than you can weave a Carolina Sweetgrass Basket. Discovered by TouT Models in South Carolina, Harrison’s star might be on simmer now, but his temperature is rising quickly and that simmer will soon be boiling over. 

Harrison Fister by Nelson N. Castillo
Ph Nelson N. Castillo

Harrison tells us in this exclusive interview about growing up around the stage, and gives us a flavor of his good-natured, hard-charging approach. Included are recent images of Harrison from two photo shoot collaborations, one with Sean P. Watters and one with Nelson N. Castillo.

So, first some basics, Harrison.What is your age, weight, and height? Hair/eye color? Birthday? What agencies represent you? What is your hometown & current residence?

I’m 20 years old. I weigh 162 pounds and I stand 6’2” tall. I have brown hair/ blue eyes. My birthday is March 30, 1996. Right now I’m signed with TouT Models in Charleston, SC. I’m born and raised in Charleston. 

Harrison Fister by Sean P. Watters
Ph Sean P. Watters

 How did a boy from the South Carolina Low Country get the idea to model? Tell us the story of how you broke into modeling.

 Haha…Through acting and my mom, I guess. She modeled when she was my age and she was always encouraging me to try it out, so I reached out to the local agency, TouT Models…and after they said yes, I’ve been working hard to build an awesome portfolio and really learn how to connect with the camera and really tell a story, Model Development 101 we call it, lol. 

 Tell us about your first shoot. How did it come about? Were you nervous?

My first shoot went great! I actually wasn’t nervous at first, but then I realized I was the only male model on set with 5 other women…and it ended up being a bit overwhelming, as that was my first shoot with a girl, too. But there was a cool 1964 red convertible Corvette onset so that made it a fun first shoot no matter how nervous I was. 

 So tell us about your aspirations in modeling, Harrison? What do you envision going forward?

Harrison Fister by Sean P. Watters
Ph Sean P. Watters

Well first and foremost I want to travel and see the world, and I love the creative expression modeling gives me along with the many travel opportunities. As a small town boy I know that I’ve got a lot to learn about the industry and the world but I’m excited for all the personal growth opportunities and self-expression outlets that I can have through modeling. I would love the opportunity to work with Ralph Lauren, J. Crew or H&M as goals. I envision a long term career in modeling and I’m going to make every moment count. 

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So now that you’ve gotten your feet wet modeling, would you like to pose for more edgy sexual material and projects? 

Well I’m open to anything that will boost my career…but I’m really interested in finding my niche in the industry whatever that might be. I have some great agents guiding me though so I’m not worried. I’m just very excited for whatever new projects that come my way this year. 

You’ve been around acting and the stage most of your life, Harrison. And I know your father is an actor. Tell us about your background and experiences in acting. Did your father encourage or discourage you from pursuing acting?

Dad definitely encouraged me. He was always dragging me on several sets such as “Vice Principals”, “Army Wives” and several short and full feature Indy films he worked on. I got to play the lead in a feature film when I was 9 and that really got me hooked. I was bitten by the acting bug after that and did background in a couple movies with Dad after that voluntarily. 

Name some photographers whom you would like to collaborate with? 

I would love a chance to collaborate with Bruce Weber. I’m a huge fan of Mario Testino, too. 

I know Georgia and North Carolina have become a hotbed for film industry productions. Have you pursued any castings in those states? Is L.A. or NYC on the horizon for Harrison?

I have in North Carolina but not Georgia yet…I’ve really been working hard on building a solid modeling portfolio, shooting with great photographers and booking local and national gigs with clients. Also I’m learning a healthy diet and a strong workout routine that I can stick too. I plan on expanding into Georgia, Miami, L.A and eventually NYC as the opportunities permit…I’m working closely with my local agents to make this happen. So fingers crossed y’all. 

Harrison Fister by Nelson N. Castillo
Ph Nelson N. Castillo

Ideally, what genre of film would you most like to be cast? Who are some of your acting idols?

Comedies! I love comedies. I’m a sucker for a good romantic comedy too. Favorite actors…well Harrison Ford for obvious reasons, lol… no but seriously I truly love his acting style and would love a chance to audition for similar roles to his. I love the Rock too. 🙂 

 What has been the strangest thing to happen to you as a model or actor…perhaps on a set, or a casting or a fan engagement, etc?

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I guess I’m still so new I haven’t had many strange experiences yet with modeling. Everything has been great so far. I’ve gone to N.Y for the first time this past year, that was a huge learning experience for me …and I can’t wait to start working there. And I’ll be visiting Miami next month as well. So I’ll keep you posted if anything weird happens. Lol

What has been the response from family and friends in South Carolina about their Harrison becoming a model? Do you get a lot of grief?

It’s a small town and everyone knows one another but yet and still we support each other in the dream chasing business. Of course my friends and my brothers are constantly teasing me. My new nickname is ‘Harry Berry’ but all I can do is laugh though. I’ve choose a different path than most country boys and I’m excited to see where it takes me. So yes I get a lot of grief but I asked for it and it’s all done in good humor so I can’t complain. 

 How do you feel about the prospect of attracting legions of fans…and many of them being men?

A fan is a fan no matter what the gender is how feel. But honestly I’m just trying to create a great image with the photographer and please the client. And if people appreciate my work I appreciate them. So I’m excited and humbled at the idea of having legions of fans, men or women. 👍🏾😊😉

Harrison Fister by Sean P. Watters
Ph Sean P. Watters

 You co-own a family business. That’s impressive. Tell us about that.

All my life I grew up around my dad’s busy business of landscaping, I started to see why he loved it as I got older. He would take a plain lot of dirt and turn it into a beautifully landscaped yard. That to me is an art form. So after high school I jumped at the opportunity when he offered for me to work with him and 3 years later we are still at it. It is hard work but I love working so closely with the Earth and being outdoors every day is amazing to me and good for my soul…Charleston, SC is such a perfect place to do this kind of manual labor work, with the mild climate too. 

Harrison, I’ve spent a summer in Charleston…even this Southern boy doesn’t call that Low Country humidity ‘mild.’   

Upon reflection, describe your personality. 

I’m very outgoing, and I make friends everywhere I go. I enjoy the random things I learn through conversations with people, stranger or friend. I try to make friends everywhere I go you could say. I’m a dreamer and a hard worker. I want to see my corner of the world be a better place and I believe that starts with being a great person yourself, so I’m constantly self-actualizing and growing, and I hope my personality will encourage others to do the same as I truly believe in the saying  ‘as within, so without.’


Charleston is an amazing city. What do you do with your free time in this beautiful, history-rich playground?

I like to go on bike rides on the beach with my girlfriend if I have one. I love taking day trips downtown and just getting lost in a new place every time as there is so many cool things to discover in downtown Charleston.  I never find myself bored in this city and I love that. And being a big history buff I love discovering more about this exciting place.

Harrison Fister by Nelson N. Castillo
Ph Nelson N. Castillo

 I spend most of my summers escaping with a boat on the extensive water way system here. I love the ocean and to me Charleston’s beautiful sunsets are to die for. Makes me wish I could paint. Lol

What about Harrison Fister might surprise people to know?

I love archery and often go to my family’s farm to disappear and practice. It’s my ‘me time’…I get lost in the form and skill; it’s like my meditation time, so calming. 

Also something else that might be surprising is I’m starting a personal yoga practice. I want to learn all about yoga this year and all its spiritual implications and physical benefits. #youngyogi lol  

Harrison Fister by Sean P. Watters
Ph Sean P. Watters

Now the Flash Bulb Round…..quick, simple responses:

–Favorite all-time: a) action/fantasy film b) comedy c) tearjerker? 

A. Fast and Furious

B. Bad Grandpa

C. The Notebook

–Most memorable thing you have ever experienced while boating in the waters of coastal Carolina?

My friend dropped his GoPro while surfing so we came back at low tide and waded around and actually found it still working perfectly. Amazing GoPro team. Great product. Lol 

–TWO exercises that you find most beneficial to you? 

Isolated bicep curls and forward dips 

–Favorite underwear brand & style? 

Ralph Lauren, Penguin boxer briefs

–For a first-time visitor to Charleston, what are TWO must-see places? 

The market and the battery

–What TWO physical features do people compliment you on the most? 

My jaw line and my eyes 

–Favorite Low Country meal? Chicken bogg

 What are the best ways on social media for people to reach out to you?

-Two best ways to meet me on social media are Instagram @hfister or twitter @HarrisonFister

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