Radoslav Vanko a radiant Slovak model sighting the beach

Radoslav Vanko a radiant Slovak model takes over the beach with his 6’1″ fit toned male figure.

Radoslav, born in 1983, brown eyes and brown hair comes from a place named Žilina, in Slovakia, and then he finally involved into fitness modeling and is a really experimenting athlete. He’s working also as a personal trainer.

And that’s why Men’s Health is looking for him so often, he’s been on the cover three times in 2008-2012-2015. Only a few guys has been reached than number.

The photography is by Andy Amaro, Rado has tha comfortable look, ready to hit in every fashion scenario, that’s why he’s signed by Exit Models, Kult Models, Front Management, Modellink, TFM & Urban Management.

So with that all experience mentioned before, we really glad to introduce you Radoslav.


Radoslav Vanko by Andy Amaro1Radoslav Vanko by Andy Amaro2Radoslav Vanko by Andy Amaro3Radoslav Vanko by Andy Amaro4Radoslav Vanko by Andy Amaro5Radoslav Vanko by Andy Amaro6

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  1. Whoah! Getting dizzy

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  3. Still one of the most beautiful men!

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