3 Body shots enough to see The Power of Brian Lewis

Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity, but you cannot resist to look the mighty Brian Lewis 3 shots enough by Frank Louis Photography.

You can’t imagine, how hard Brian is working with his monumental and sculptural body, represented by Wilhelmina in New York, he’s a certified Personal Trainer sponsored by Optimum Nutrition and ABB Performance.

His dedication is not a casuality, he’s a professional in fitness world, he knows how it works, how the body responding to every movement, although we know, that food is a very important issue in body fitness.

Enjoy this stunning material:

Brian Lewis by Frank Louis1Brian Lewis by Frank Louis2Brian Lewis by Frank Louis3

We have glorified Brian before, in the most sexy post we have ever done “Island Fever”– And remember when he was mentioned in 25 inspiring fitness models to follow on Instagram.

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