25 Inspiring Fitness Models to Follow on Instagram

All the motivation you need to get in shape—and stay there.

From newcomers to professional athletes and fitness/celebrity trainers, these stylish and in-shape guys show off the best workout motivation on Instagram. Follow along and be inspired to work it out—the healthy way.

25 We have a huge crush on Steven Dehler!

24 Puertorican in Madrid adonis Frederick Valentin!

23 Did I need to say something, Dionisio is a god athlete!

22 Chris Wright is a avid trainer and nutrition guru!


21 Brazilian Proffesional athlete Cristhian Annes is on demand.


20 Gorgeous Luke Holbrook is not just pleasing eye candy. He is passionate about maximizing life.

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Those of us that encourage positive thinking and all those personal development gurus rarely put anything but their best foot forward publicly. For they're understandably scared to lose support if they publicly show weakness. I think this is a mistake. Let's keep it real. Doesn't matter who you are or what you have, you will always have rough patches, and hard times. Personally I've been battling my negative thoughts, and having a tough time lately. This happens to all of us, just have to wait it out but it sucks. So for those of you dealing with some bullshit, that's just reality, life's not easy, but the difficult times will pass, and will allow you to understandably appreciate when things are going your way.

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19 French fitness addict Camille Anmmour.


18 Jon Haze a nutritional fitness model from Elite Models Miami.

17 Mister Peru Alexis Descalzo!!! You must follow!!!

16 Scott King is a World International Fitness & Cover model available in NYC for shoots.


15 Bijan Kashani  is a Trainer/Fighter/Model.

14 Here’s something special for all you fitness model lovers sexy hunk Shane Smith.


13 The debut of Lance Syverson was on Fashionably Male, he’s a fitness model new to the Crew Model International roster of men.

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#tbt great shot by @hayden.su

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12 Fitness trainer and Judo Master and professional fitness model Robert Blazevic, check out:


11 Born in the heat of South America, Jorge Guevara now calls Houston, Texas home. Over the course of the past year Jorge has made the transition from fitness model to one of the most striking fashion models on the scene.

10 Fashion, fitness, lifestyle and blogger Roman Row debuted on Fashionably Male.

9 Washington DC fitness model and Youtuber Mark Raimondo is #9.

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Happy Monday💪🏼

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He is simply a hot and sultry Ken Doll, model Ross Cook 6’2, NYC-based and originally from rural Illinois:

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Mondaze ⛈⛈⛈ #rainraingoaway

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7 From model to International fitness athlete Ben Todd has pushed his limits off, currently competed in the States:

6 From Mister Spain 2016 to runway model participated in 080 Barcelona Fashion Show, now Daniel Rodriguez is a full time celebrity in Barcelona:

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#misterinternacionalespaña #xtg #desfile

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5 Joe Putignano is a Athlete, acrobat, Cirque du Soleil and Broadway Performer and also a Personal Trainer, must Follow!


4 Nick Sandell is the sexiest man alive!!!!! While today he is an in-demand fitness model, Sandell hopes to soon be performing in commercials and acting.


3 Michael Dean from  wrestler to Fitnes male model and aspiring actor, Michael has a body where the abs and shoulders may fight for your attention.



2 Brian Lewis a true Professional Fitness God, matching with modeling, must check out his social media and he won the most influential fitness model to watch on YouTube.

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Photographer: @scotthoover1 Location: Los Angeles, CA

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1 Bryan Hawn he’s known for being a talented, creative & sexual sensation on Youtube, but Bryan Hawn has not only a lot to say, but quite the career to reflect upon. The Georgia native has won state track and field competitions,  modeled, danced, starred in a reality TV show,  featured in various  media regarding his pet African hyena, authored numerous books including one about how to achieve a Bryan Hawn butt, and has become a Youtube superstar with over 31 million views. Oh, and he now has a Youtube comedy series called “Bromance.”    




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