Jack by Scallywag Fox

Come back once again to the see the magic of Scallywag Fox snapping Jack Dryland.

You can take a look over Instagram from rebel inked new talent Jack, who thanks to Scallywag Fox we could appreciate all his skin-artwork inked through his male torso.

We can feel a Robert Mapplethorpe air around here, the photographer connected with Post Teen Idol to style Jack into a black leather motto jacket and a black mesh top. Make up and hair stylist by Carlie Siroko.

Let’s meet Jack:

JACK by Scallywag Fox1JACK by Scallywag Fox3JACK by Scallywag Fox2JACK by Scallywag Fox4JACK by Scallywag Fox5JACK by Scallywag Fox6JACK by Scallywag Fox7JACK by Scallywag Fox8

Photographer: Scallywag Fox   @scallywagfox
Model: Jack Dryland  @portraitofjack 
Hair styling and MUA: Carlie Siroko @carliesiroko
Styling: Post Teen Idol @postTEENIDOL 

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