Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

We actually like this Tom Ford Menswear S/S 2017 collection very much. 

What i like is to see his look evolve into something less formal but still chic with a lot of attitude. Men really buys his suits. In the shops, you can see some men buying like crazy.

This is not as extreme and decadent as what he did when he started but when he started, it was a new proposition in menswear.

He still has that “authority” in menswear… Maybe more than in womenswear. The TF suit is the suit young professionals and business men wears. It still got that fashion edge without being too wild. It’s almost niche…

You can wear it with sneakers and it will be as chic as it is presented here. I love it. I wouldn’t mind wearing the first look or some of the eveningwear. It could be very chic on a woman.

If you want to search and compare this now with last year. You’re wrong, buddy.

Ford always does his take on luxe and thats what he is known for: some seventies vibe with excellent workmanship and a price tag to match. I wish I could afford his stuff, I think pretty much everyone could wear most of his collections!

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