Can there be a male muse – Meet Leonardo Pantoja by Francisco Fernandez

I’m not talking about the dictionary definition of the muse. I’m talking about the abstract concept of inspiration.

Nowadays you can find your own inspiration in any place, thing, people, pet, genderless, architecture, culture, weather, just grab your camera and shot.

Photographer Francisco Fernandez, based in New York City, kindly share his vision, meeting Leonardo Pantoja a real male muse.

“I met Leonardo in my last trip to Venezuela, and we were both interested in working together, so we talked about creating a series of images that could talk about sensuality, ethnicity, intimacy, masculinity and maybe elegance.” Francisco Fernandez quoted.

“This is what we had in mind, and we hope we were able to accomplish at least a couple of these features listed. He is a super cool guy, committed to photography, modeling and acting a 100 percent. Totally open to suggestion and very easy to direct.”

I’m intrigued by the vision through the lens of Fernandez, is personal, but sexy, and then you want to see more, they exhibited a true personal intimacy portrait.

Leonardo Pantoja by Francisco Fernandez1Leonardo Pantoja by Francisco Fernandez2Leonardo Pantoja by Francisco Fernandez3Leonardo Pantoja by Francisco Fernandez4Leonardo Pantoja by Francisco Fernandez5Leonardo Pantoja by Francisco Fernandez6Leonardo Pantoja by Francisco Fernandez7Leonardo Pantoja by Francisco Fernandez8Leonardo Pantoja by Francisco Fernandez9Leonardo Pantoja by Francisco Fernandez10The male can be a muse/inspiration just as much as the female, particularly for us. As long as we can find web sites like us, you can find and nurturing such inspiration.

Photographer Francisco Fernandez

Model Leonardo Pantoja

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