Perfection has a name: Dmytro Paladii shots by Thomas Synnamon

Male muse Dmytro Paladii connects with photographer Thomas Synnamon in New York City. Perfection has a name, Dmytro is our new fitness obsession, just look how sexy and hot he is. But beyond that, he teaches us something, the male body is a full work of art.

Obviously he dedicates thousand of hours at the gym, but he’s got a pursuit of feeling healthy in his our skin.

Modeling underwear pices from Rufskin, N2N Bodywear and Todd Sanfield Underwear, he fits perfectly in those tiny briefs.

Got to see it, enjoy!

Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon1Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon2Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon3Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon4Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon5Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon6Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon7Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon9Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon11Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon12Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon13Dmytro Paladii by Thomas Synnamon15

Photographer Thomas Synnamon

Model Dmytro Paladii

Last drop from Thomas was this work, take a look.

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