From dawn till dusk Patrick Cook by Mladen

From dawn till dusk, you guys will not be able to believe it but Mladen had the magnificent idea to follow a whole day to model Patrick Cook in Melbourne. (His home country)

The situation is this, Mladen comes and goes, he has been traveling the world for ages, and when he connects with friend Patrick, they decided to this shooting in Melbourne, since Patrick is taking a hot bath to go out in the morning, then we can see it at the noon, later on we can find Patrick outdoors and in the evening night enjoying fulltime.

The shooting is fantastic guys, let’s enjoy together, shall we?

Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic11Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic12Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic13Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic14Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic9Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic1Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic8Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic2Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic3Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic4Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic5Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic6Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic7Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic17Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic15Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic16Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic10Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic18Patrick Cook by Mladen Blagojevic19

If you are in love of (as we do) Patrick can be seen in three different parts of the world: Canada, New York and Boston.

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  1. Good are foto model wifh bodyhair.

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