North of the Border: Portfolio Update with Chad Reeh

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Chad Reeh is a handsome and charming Canadian who has been modeling since he was 15 years old.   A native of Okotoks, Alberta, the 6 foot tall model will also potentially be a nurse one day as he’s enrolled in a LPN program at school in Edmonton.   

Chad is not only handsome, but both engaging and witty. He has stunning brown hair that leaves most people envious, coupled with matching brown eyes. Born on Valentine’s Day, 1996, Chad is now 21 years old. He is a knowledgeable workout warrior and currently weighs a fit 182 pounds; Chad encourages people to follow his You Tube where he’s known to give out advice on fitness.  And I might add, he has a very sexy voice.

With the aid and encouragement of his mother, Chad was modeling by the time he was in his mid-teens. He was signed by Mode Models, an international agency in Canada. He was doing various modeling jobs in and around Calgary. Today, he also works with Soul Artist Management in New York City and Wilhelmina Models in LA. Among his favorite assignments has been with Herschel Supply and Gymboree. Playing a cute taxi driver for Gymboree was actually one of his first jobs in New York.

Chad mentions shooting with Joseph Lally and Brian Jamie among the highlights of his career. He commented, “I love doing quality photos with quality people.”

Besides working out, Chad enjoys playing sports, experiencing the outdoors, and playing video games. Nintendo 64 is his latest obsession. You can often find him cheering on the NHL’s Calgary Flames and the NFL’s New England Patriots.

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Recently Chad did some portfolio updates. We are happy to share them on PnV/Fashionably Male. Images below of Chad wearing blue jeans are from a shoot by photographer Tina Chang. The underwear shoot is by Michael Meneghetti. 


Photography by Michael Meneghetti


Photography by Tina Chang


You can follow Chad Reeh on social media:



Chad’s YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjgLUk5gYCVVKR6NOKiZV4w/videos

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