Justin Leonard is reflecting an unbreakable self-esteem in new pics by Henry Wu

Self confidence is one of the most important skills you can have. Justin Leonard reflects an unbreakable self-esteem in the new pics by Henry Wu in Exclusive.

Thanks to his wrestling background, Justin has proves a powerful strong self-esteem and confidence, and helps along his modeling career.

Justin is represented by Ford Models Chicago & MP Mega Miami, the 6’1 fitness model has updated – via Instagram – his portfolio.

The work from Henry Wu takes you to that intimate connection with the model, even thought you may notice Leonard is not naked, but we can feel his powerful self-esteem through Henry’s camera. This is why Justin throw away so much energy in this intimate session.Justin Leonard by Henry Wu1Justin Leonard by Henry Wu2Justin Leonard by Henry Wu3Justin Leonard by Henry Wu4Justin Leonard by Henry Wu5Justin Leonard by Henry Wu6Justin Leonard by Henry Wu7Justin Leonard by Henry Wu8Justin Leonard by Henry Wu9Justin Leonard by Henry Wu10Justin Leonard by Henry Wu11Justin Leonard by Henry Wu12Justin Leonard by Henry Wu13Justin Leonard by Henry Wu14Justin Leonard by Henry Wu15

In 2016 Justin had an exclusive interview with PnV Network, check here.

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  1. Love these images and the accompanying story! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Smokende models, that can in this modern time not more.

  3. […] It won’t let you down check: Justin Leonard in pics by Henry Wu. […]

  4. […] Justin Leonard is reflecting an unbreakable self-esteem in new pics by Henry Wu […]

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