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Perry Ellis Spring/Summer 2017 Campaign

This season, Perry Ellis is posing a challenge: What is the norm? And how can we shake it up?



With trends and styles changing daily on social media, sartorial focus has shifted to what’s surprising, but also suits you.

Simultaneously in-tune with the zeitgeist and the founding ethos of Perry Ellis, Creative Director Michael Maccari took from both the idea of clothes that are slyly unusual in form, yet highly functional, and that utilize beloved patterns and cuts in a wholly new way. Oversized structures and athletic fabrics were reconsidered for the everyday. Think hybrid bomber/track jackets; updated jogger pants that are less utilitarian, but still on-the-go; and performance fabrics in unexpected pieces, like button downs, camp shirts, and outerwear.

Collaging, always a Perry Ellis interest, took center stage as well. Patterns—vivid botanicals, racing stripe-inspired graphics—are layered on top of one another for the kind of pieces that pop out of a wardrobe—and when worn.

As Maccari said of his process: “The process of bringing conflicting ideas together is more valuable than the ideas alone. Collaging supports the thought that ideas in the abstract are as valuable as the end result, so I’m exploring this concept and how it affects our daily wardrobe choices.”

It’s a collection that subverts the expected but is, above all, wearable—a challenge we happily accepted.

Photographer KT Auleta

Fashion Editor/Stylist Michael Fisher

Models: Alex Pierce, Lane Foster, Lucas Cristino and Torin Verdone.

Hair stylist Cash Lawless

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