Bromance by JONO Photography

May 17 is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, or IDAHOT. In this special day we want to declare on behalf all people who suffered of any kind of discrimination, “homophobia” has a cure: EDUCATION.

“Bromance” is not the typical story about two straight guys falling in love, is beyond that. The story you’re about to see is the friendship-relationship between two male individuals.

The tension between the two of them, how both guys have a crush on each other, but both keep it in the friend zone. The photographer JONO assured, “between the closeness of them… between the two of them… and how both look at each other when one looks away, they are apparently beyond than just friends.” The shooting is at Venice Beach. At the end, there’s a touch of Anti-Trump realness with one of the individuals is wearing a hat that reads, “Make America Gay Again.”

The two “Bros” are Jonathan Mark Weber, an actor living in Los Angeles. Along with Bryce McKinney, As well as an actor living in Los Angeles. JONO chose these two guys, because “they are great at understanding storylines and delivering the final product.”

The story could be real or fiction, according to JONO “it happens to all of us” –which is true. We only want to be loved and love, no matter what, “Love is love. is everything you do” (Song by Culture Club). Jono-Photography_Bromance_001Jono-Photography_Bromance_002Jono-Photography_Bromance_003Jono-Photography_Bromance_006Jono-Photography_Bromance_007Jono-Photography_Bromance_009Jono-Photography_Bromance_010Jono-Photography_Bromance_013Jono-Photography_Bromance_014Jono-Photography_Bromance_015Jono-Photography_Bromance_016Jono-Photography_Bromance_018Jono-Photography_Bromance_020Jono-Photography_Bromance_021Jono-Photography_Bromance_022Jono-Photography_Bromance_023Jono-Photography_Bromance_024Jono-Photography_Bromance_025Jono-Photography_Bromance_030Jono-Photography_Bromance_029Despite some legal and social advances in the past two decades, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people continue to face widespread discrimination and violence in many countries. This leads to exclusion and adversely affects both the lives of LGBTI people as well as on the communities and economies in which they live.

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Photography by jonophoto.com

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Model: Jonathan Mark Weber and Bryce McKinney

  1. An example of what life can be

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