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Discovered every new suits TOPMAN got for you. For every major event, wedding, prom, celebration, work meeting, The METGala, Oscars Awards, celebrities, fashionistas and even presidents, TOPMAN Suits is there, for any man, any ocassion any style.

TOPMAN Suits SS172Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously
It’s all about your attitude – many celebrities hasn’t given a f**k since the late 90’s and is not going to start now. Take a leaf out of his book: just because you’ve dressed up it doesn’t mean you should start acting like you’re some kind of Big Deal.

TOPMAN Suits SS173
Men’s Light Blue Skinny Fit Suit Jacket and Trouser.


If you’ve got a prom coming up, if you’re going to the races or just like dressing fancy, this is where you want to get your inspiration from:

TOPMAN Suits SS174

If All Else Fails, Stick To The Classics
Not everyone feels comfortable sashaying about in a spangly diamante-encrusted progressive high fashion experiment, which is probably a good thing. If that’s you, just go with black tie. No matter what everyone else is wearing you’ll still look great.

TOPMAN Suits SS175 Go Bold
Black tie might be the dress code but this year’s red carpet saw men stepping out of the shade with bold prints, patterns, colours and fabrics – like this bright blue velvet jacket Presley Gerber rocked up in. With men stepping out of the time worn black tux and bow tie combo, it felt like we were catching a glimpse of a revolution in formal styling.TOPMAN Suits SS176Over Accessorize
We can’t stress enough that there was no restraint on the red carpet this year with everything from layered necklaces to pop-up printed pocket squares making an appearance. Jayden Smith, never one to be outdone, even accessorised with his own cut-off dreads. Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis’ Topman silk scarf and lapel flower tied his look together without overdoing it.TOPMAN Suits SS177All White On The Night
Just because the tie is black that doesn’t mean your whole suit has to be. We were fortunate enough to dress Aussie it-boy and model Jordan Barrett this year and his white dinner jacket looked classy without being fusty. Even if we do say so ourselves.TOPMAN Suits SS178Make The Team 
If you and your mates are all heading to the same event and arriving at the same time, there’s no harm in making sure you all co-ordinate. It’s good enough for you and your boys at the prom.TOPMAN Suits SS179It’s All In The Details
Basic tailoring is a thing of the past. This year the red carpet debuted embellished buttons, embroidered pinstripes, contrasting trims and asymmetrical hem lines alongside wider fits than we’ve seen in previous years.

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