Training with Ron – Pics by Anton Lapidus

I’m guilty of doing most of my training in the gym, but summer is here and I need to challenge my body to keep gaining results. Whilst there are obvious practical benefits to training indoors, exercising outdoors can have many advantages – and not just the beautiful scenery!

Featuring a new talent Ron Christopher, 6’1″, born and raised in North Carolina, is a professional dancer and a NASM certified Personal Trainer And an instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp in New York City.

Anton Lapidus is an editorial/lifestyle photographer and a dancer, Russian born, Israeli raised and currently lives in NYC. Anton loves to collaborate with dancers and athletes to feature the beauty of the human body.

The collaboration between Anton and Ron took place on a deserted beach in Atlantic City, NJ. The idea of this photo shoot was to showcase  the beauty of the athletic body and strong facial features of Ron as an upcoming fitness model in NYC.
And yes the result are powerful outdoor shots, looks like an active campaign from Nike or adidas, Ron helps to keeps motivated and get up and go running, walking or footing outdoors, besides exposure to the sun has awesome benefits (when you do it in moderation, obvs). Its a common treatment for depression and other mood disorders. Ron Christopher by Anton Lapidus1Ron Christopher by Anton Lapidus2Ron Christopher by Anton Lapidus3Ron Christopher by Anton Lapidus4Ron Christopher by Anton Lapidus5Ron Christopher by Anton Lapidus6Ron Christopher by Anton Lapidus7Ron Christopher by Anton Lapidus8
Follow the work of Anton Lapidus on Instagram. And do not forget to keep motivated with Ron.
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