Want everyone to know Blake Shankle Pics by Henry Wu

According to his Facebook Page, he’s from Saucier Mississippi and then Blake and big dreams he decided to move to West Hollywood. Blake Shankle loves music and also loves to sing (check YouTube vids).

Represented by Next Models in LA Henry Wu connects with Blake to make this stunning updated portrait. Blake has charming looks, lovely eyes, he’s so handsome and boy can sing!

After watching all series photographed by Henry this last month, we noticed something: he executed an amazing work, even though his artistic skills and clever eye, when Henry’s choose a new face to portrayed… we definitely have to pay attention.

Blake Shankle by Henry Wu1Blake Shankle by Henry Wu2Blake Shankle by Henry Wu3Blake Shankle by Henry Wu4Blake Shankle by Henry Wu5Blake Shankle by Henry Wu6Blake Shankle by Henry Wu7Blake Shankle by Henry Wu8Blake Shankle by Henry Wu9Blake Shankle by Henry Wu10Blake Shankle by Henry Wu11

Check Henry’s work series:

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