Lost inside Marios Serghiou’s eyes – Pics by Stavros Christodoulou

Nicosia is the largest city on the island of Cyprus, photographer Stavros Christodoulou shots fitness model Marios wearing just a white brief along the shore.

Beauty comes from every single corner of the world, we’re fascinated about connecting and published beautiful people from all Continents.

Then, suddenly you just stare Marios and don’t want to blink anymore. Check this out:

Welcome June!

Marios Serghiou by Stavros Christodoulou1Marios Serghiou by Stavros Christodoulou2Marios Serghiou by Stavros Christodoulou3Marios Serghiou by Stavros Christodoulou4Marios Serghiou by Stavros Christodoulou5Marios Serghiou by Stavros Christodoulou6Marios Serghiou by Stavros Christodoulou7Marios Serghiou by Stavros Christodoulou8

Check this throwback work from Stavros: click here.

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