The New Fitness Sensation – Meet Danny Jones

He’s Danny Jones a professional fitness athlete from California. He stands at a massive 6’7 (2.01 Mts), and people – including us – can’t get enough of him. Honestly, it’s too early to be this thirsty but we just don’t care.

Two photographs sufficed for all the internet to wonder who this sensual type of such size was. It far surpassed the height of the refrigerator and in an image you can see that climbing the stairs for him can be a problem.

No one could ignore its enormous size, but there is another thing that also went unnoticed: its athletic and sculptural body, something that is accompanied by a face that is not at all bad.

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“From a very young age I was involved in athletics and I loved everything about sports. I grew up in a small town in Southern California where there wasn’t much to do, so sports was a “no-brainer”. Most of my success came from basketball, where I stood out in high school and received a full-ride scholarship to Biola University in Orange County, California. ” Danny Jones

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Are you getting out of your comfort zone? . Are you pushing yourself to a point that feels unpleasant? . Are you repeatedly putting yourself in situations that challenge you and force you to overcome them? . Well, you should be. . I've realized that bodybuilding is a lot like life. If you want to grow, you are required to experience discomfort. The more discomfort, the more you grow. Resistance=Growth. . The moment we get comfortable and stop providing that resistance, we stop growing. . Imagine how amazing and well-rounded of a person you could become if you got out of your comfort zone once a day and did something that used to be "off limits" to you. . Inside and outside of the gym, I challenge you to do things that are difficult and to create a personal environment where nothing is off limits. . If you've made it this far in the caption, comment what you're going to do this week that is out of your comfort zone. Maybe commenting something personal on my post is something you wouldn't normally do… great, you've already got a head start! . Let's get better together! .

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In the his life youth Danny started to eat inappropriately and started to gain weight he almost reached 300 lbs “I knew it was time for a change. I began to work out religiously and dedicated at least 2 hours a day to exercise and workouts. I saw my body changing and had lost about 20lbs in a couple months. Despite all of this, I still wasn’t happy with the progress I had made and wasn’t content with how I looked.”

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From time to time, I like to share my progress over the years with my new followers. So here ya go. It's crazy looking back on old photos and seeing how far I've come. – Believe it or not, the photo on the left I was working out 6x per week, multiple hours a day. Photo on the right (recent) I'm working out 4-5x a week, a little over an hour each day. . During the time of the left hand photo, I could NOT figure out why I wasnt making the progress I thought I should be for the amount of work I was putting in. I felt my body should be leaps and bounds ahead of where it was. I had a gut and man boobs. Somehow even my hair was out of shape 😂 . What's the difference between now and then? Slight changes in my training and HUGE changes in my diet. Literally, that's it. It wasn't until a couple years ago that I realized how important a role your diet plays in your progress. 9 out of 10 of the people that come to me for help in getting through a plateau or even getting started in a healthier lifestyle are being hindered by their diet. So, are you where you feel you should be physically? If not, it's probably-you guessed it-your diet. . Not happy with your progress? Hit me up 👇 – 📧 dannyjonesfitness@yahoo.com 💻 www.dannyjonesfitness.com –

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Apparently he loves to prepare after workout his protein shake with no pants on.

“I became an EMT and began to get a grasp on how the body worked and functioned. I was interested in what I was learning and was hungry to learn more. I went on to study nutrition and how different foods affect the human body in different ways. During 2 years of studying, I had gradually applied the techniques and knowledge I had gained in my studies to my own life and, before I knew it, I had transformed my body!”

Danny thinks and believes that anyone can make the sam change that he did and become the best version of ourselves. “All it takes is the initial thought and desire to make the change and a plan to put that change into action. No matter what your goals or dreams are, I am 100% confident that I can help you make a plan to reach them! I hope you take the next step and choose me as your trainer. Together we can make you healthy, fit, and-most important-the best version of yourself that you can be!”

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Check this video how Danny proves his strength in this intense workout routine.



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