John Strand flirts across the Big Apple in fashionable new pics

Carrie Bradshaw found her guy in New York, and you can, too. But, we already found our guy is called: John Strand from Book Management.

John Strand and photographer Brittany Smith work together in the Big Apple, to drop stunning pics where John looks fashionable in well styled garments. Hair Stylist by Robin Capili.

John has reached 100K followers on IG and he’s thanked to his fans, quoting: “wait, say whaaaaaaaaaaaat??!?!! seriously, how did this happen?? THANKS TO ALL OF YOU AWESOME PEOPLE, that’s how!” Congrats John!

John Strand by Brittany Smith1John Strand by Brittany Smith2John Strand by Brittany Smith3John Strand by Brittany Smith4John Strand by Brittany Smith5John Strand by Brittany Smith6

Photography: Brittany Smith https://www.instagram.com/brittanysmithphoto/
​Hair Stylist: Robin ​Capili https://www.instagram.com/robincapili/


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