Rhett Beardemphl: from Washington state to LA – PnV Network Exclusive Interview

By Chris Chase @ChrisChasePnV

Those of you who have followed me on twitter when I first started working with PnV may remember my first ever featured model was Rhett Beardemphl. I wanted to make sure that my first selection represented my personal taste and what the followers could expect from me. On my search I wanted a fresh face that embodied the all American look. So, I chose Rhett. Fast forward 4 years and I was able to connect with him on Instagram. I was actually a bit nervous to message him. Those nerves were quickly put at ease

CC: Okay Rhett, here we go! Give us a quick rundown of your background. I already know a lot of it. Lol

RB: Yo guys, my name is Rhett Michael Beardemphl, I am 25 years old, and I am from Tacoma, Washington. My mother agency is the Seattle Models Guild aka SMG. It was pretty awesome how I got in contact with them. I went to my first Seahawks game ever the summer after I graduated high school. And luck would have it that Mcklyn, the man in charge of New Faces at SMG was at the same game! His friendly face approached me and offered me an interview in a weeks time. Sweet! I was so stoked! And I have to say since day one SMG has been nothing less than amazing, wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. This all happened almost seven years ago. Now, I find myself in Los Angeles, working with another great team at DT Model Management.Rhett Beardemphl by Nate Jensen1

CC: Tell me a bit about growing up in the Northwest.

RB: Growing up in the Northwest was very healthy, let me explain. Living in LA is amazing, I love it for so many reasons, and I now call it home. But it is toxic, especially for youth. There is obviously the promotion of sex and drugs, which runs wild here, but worst of all is So Cal’s idolatry of material possessions. Damn near everyone I know that has been in this city for long enough is craving for their next “thing”. It is a sickness. As humans, of course we all want, but my roots in the Pacific Northwest are far away from the glamour and false realities that LA and the Entertainment World project. 

“So, to get back to my point, I love that I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. It made me who I am today. Also, I want to add that Washington gave me a great appreciation for sunshine and overall warmth (both of these contribute to a portion of my profound love for LA) as it is always cold, grey and rainy!”

CC: Well said Rhett and I think that lifestyle takes a strong person to resist. You have to be grounded. I know you are friends with a friend of mine, Nic Palladino, and you guys have very similar thoughts. Tell me about your fondest childhood memory.

RB: My fondest childhood memory is an easy question to answer. I’m pretty sure it was also the best moment of my life. Just to preface so everyone knows, I love soccer more than anything! Okay, here is the scenario: A bunch of thirteen year olds, two of the best soccer teams in Washington State, in the Washington State Cup Tournament, we are on the road to the finals in our quarterfinal matchup. The game ends at a tie. It is 2-2. The game goes to extra- time, and we find ourselves with 2 minutes left in extra-time. My best friend Andrew (who was big and super fast) pushes the ball past a defender right at the 18-yard box and the defender takes Andrew out! Penalty Kick! And as you could have guessed, I took all of the penalty kicks for our team. With no time left in the game I stepped up and slotted the ball into the back of the net. The stands were cheering and before long the whole world went black… our jerseys were all black and there was about thirteen thirteen year olds doggie-piled on top of me. We were going to the semis! And man did scoring the game winner feel good.Rhett Beardemphl by Nate Jensen2


CC: Winning a team championship is such a thrill. And then making the winning goal is incredible! Who was your childhood hero?

RB: Without a doubt my childhood hero was my Mom. I know, it is so cliché it hurts. Such a typical answer. But the woman didn’t just talk the talk, she walked the walk. We all want to give and receive love, that comes naturally. But the selflessness that is required in love is much more difficult to obtain. But oh my goodness was my Mom the best example of selflessness the world has ever seen. She was never concerned with her wellbeing, only of those around her. For example, she always had the oldest clothing in the house, don’t worry she wasn’t gross, she just preferred my siblings or I to have new shoes before her. Also, when we would go out to dinner, everyone would get food, and even though she was paying for it all, she would wait till we went home to eat cereal to save a buck. Without my Mother’s example of leadership I know I would be half the man I am today. Golly-gee do I love that woman.

“Without a doubt my childhood hero was my Mom. I know, it is so cliché it hurts. Such a typical answer. But the woman didn’t just talk the talk, she walked the walk. We all want to give and receive love, that comes naturally. But the selflessness that is required in love is much more difficult to obtain. ”

CC: What’s your favorite hobby or pastime?

RB: Soccer… it is my favorite pastime. There is nothing I would rather watch or play. There is such a high combination of skill, fitness, strength, and strategy. My love for soccer started at age nine when I started playing as little kid. My brother started playing at the same time as me and gained the addiction as well. It grew with us our entire lives. We watched the European leagues every weekend together. It was the highlight of every weekend. The love my brother and I shared for soccer ended up overtaking my entire family which traditionally was not a soccer crazed family. To be fair, I cannot talk about my love for soccer without talking about Cristiano Ronaldo. Ever since he showed up soccer has never been the same for me. He takes the sport to an entirely new level. In my eyes he is the best soccer player of all time.Rhett Beardemphl by Nate Jensen3

CC: You have the same passion for Soccer that I have for football! And golf for that matter. What made you decide to move to Los Angeles?

RB: I decided to move to Los Angeles because my family never really traveled when I was growing up so I had an itch to get out and I always thought Southern California would be so ‘me’. Once I started modeling (in Seattle), it only made the move make more sense. So far, the experience has been wonderful. Originally, I signed with Wilhelmina Models, which worked great when I was 21, but now in my ripened age I’m stoked that I made the move to DT Model Management!

CC: Wait till you’re 35 like me and you’ll realize 25 isn’t that ripe! Tell me about your workout routine.

RB: My workout routine is insane. Every day I wake up and do three-hundred push-ups followed by 10 minutes of abs and then I go sprint four miles. Just kidding. Let’s get serious, all I do is hold myself to a higher standard and realize that as a competitive professional I shouldn’t fall behind my competition. I do spend a lot more time in the gym then most people. And because I played soccer growing up I often run miles in bunches. Now, having a work out routine is a good thing, but I don’t believe your routine is as important as your consistency. As long as you get those love handles shakin’ every day you are going in the right direction. I don’t have a routine. On most days I show up to the gym completely unaware of what I’m going to do that day, the important thing is that I am there, and that I am going to do something. Another point I want to make is about diet, it is so crucial, and the truth is that most people don’t even have the knowledge to make themselves better. For example, have you seen the Food Pyramid that the FDA posts for individuals, families, and children to look at? It is complete garbage, the bottom (largest) portion is carbohydrates. Bread, cereal, pasta, rice, etc. This should be the same size as fats and oils at the top of the pyramid. It is all fattening and bad for you, you don’t need it. Once you figure this out and implement it, and trust me it’s very hard to do, then leaning out will become half the battle.Rhett Beardemphl by Nate Jensen4

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CC: Wow. Your are a fountain of healthy information! It’s all very true. Diet AND exercise are truly the only way to get and stay fit. Tell me about your favorite cheat meal.

RB: Now that I finished my diet rant I get a question on cheat meals, how fitting. Cheat meals… they are what I live for, they give my life purpose and meaning. Orange chicken, Belgian waffle, chicken strips with french fries, pizza! How does one choose! I honestly can NOT choose one cheat meal in this beautiful world of deep-friers and sugar filled/covered everything. So I’m going to have to say my favorite cheat meal is at Christmas time when I get to stuff my face with mashed potatoes and gravy while surrounded by great company.

CC: Now you sound like a true Southern boy talking about mashed potatoes and gravy. Lol Time for desert Island!

RB: Okay, so I’m trapped on a desert island am I? Book: Raft Building Handbook. Movie: Alone in the Wilderness. Food: Supreme Pizza.

CC: What song would you say is the anthem of your life?

RB: The anthem to my life is “How Far I’ll Go” by Alessia Cara. Yes, the song from Moana. The lyrics portray an individual who senses a curiosity or greater calling. This character simply has to go for it, regardless of the odds, or the rest of his/her life will be shrouded in remorse.Rhett Beardemphl by Nate Jensen5

CC: Sounds like a perfect choice! What is a perfect day for you?

RB: My perfect day is when I wake-up after having been real good with my diet. I look in the mirror when I’m brushing my teeth and I think, sweet, I look skinny today. This allows me to not feel guilty as I go to a buffet with my soccer buddies and watch Cristiano Ronaldo whoop on Barcelona in an intense soccer match. By the time the game is over I’m so full I can’t move. I waddle back to my house and fall over on my bed, in no time I’m doing this crazy thing where I lose consciousness for a few hours (aka sleep). When I wake up my best friends are there like, “Rhett grab your cleats, we need an extra player for our game tonight. Will you come play and grace us with your celestial soccer skills?” I go. On the way, I check my email and find I booked a photo shoot, commercial, and a big role in some crazy new spin-off of the Transformers movies. During the soccer match I score all the goals (as per usual). Then, before all of my friends (most of them are imaginary) drop me off at home, we decide to go see the new superhero movie that is in theaters. And oh yeah, it’s Christmas, so I still get my presents and for dinner I get to surround myself with my family that loves me so much (they are primarily imaginary as well). And right before bed my Dad walks into my bedroom and hands me a thousand dollars for being a great son. He walks out and before the door can swing shut my mom walks in with a complete stranger, introduces the lady, and informs me that she is a renowned massuse that will now provide me with ninety minutes of quality rubbing, because I am a great son. I doze off, and dream of  some secret world where cute little underwater kittens love and snuggle me for the rest of time.

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CC: Celestial skills? I like it! That is one full day. Give me one word to describe you.

RB: If I had to pick one word to describe myself it would be… human. Too literal? Then re-word the question. Boom-shaka-laka!Rhett Beardemphl by Nate Jensen6

CC: See folks this is the incredible personality I was telling you about! How would your friends describe you?

RB: My best friends would definitely start their description of me with an insult to my character because real best friends only say bad things about each other. I have a feeling the word stubborn would come up. When I was younger, word on the street was that I really pushed for things to go my way and if they didn’t, I would sabotage all hope of anyone having fun. But I’m not stubborn anymore, and I don’t care what you say, you’re stubborn. Assuming you press into my friends a little deeper I know what they would say because I’ve heard them say nice things once or twice. They would say Rhett is a good time, he is a lot of fun to be around and never takes the little things too seriously. Oh yeah, and they might call me a goof. But that would be preposterous.

CC: I don’t see that at ALL. (Sarcasm) I think I need to spend a week just absorbing your energy! Tell me something about you that few people know.

RB: One thing that is kind of funny about me, that very few people know, is that I rocked myself to sleep every night. Once my mother stopped sleeping with me, when I was a little baby (around age two), I started rocking my body back-and-forth to cope with the lack of “motherly comfort” when it was bed time. But don’t worry I stopped at the start of High School. At age 14-15 it was getting weird. So I stopped, it was probably similar to an addict quitting their addiction. It was incredibly hard to stop being weird.

CC: So even with severe abandonment issues, you still made it. Who inspires you today? 

RB: This is the easiest question of the lot. My brother, Luke, inspires me beyond comparison. Luke battled cancer for seven years against all odds. No matter how great the deficit, he never stopped fighting, or started complaining. I would say most people going for a career in Hollywood get pretty beat up trying to make it. It is a rather ruthless industry. But, with my brother as my role model, I feel much more equipped to roll with the punches; ’cause man can they hurt!

So as you can see I made the right choice initially! Rhett Beardemphl is full of life and energy! He’s got a positive outlook that is contagious. No matter the endeavor, he will be a big success!

Photography Nate Jensen / Instagram / Site

Rhett Beardemphl / Instagram / SMG Models / DT Models

  1. Very good looking young man. I also follow Nic Palladino, his YouTube videos are very informative. Good to hear you guys are friends. Funny, I also rocked myself to sleep as a kid. I stopped sometime in my mid teens but occasionally will find myself reverting back to rocking still at this day. Best wishes for the future in whatever life brings to you!

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