Katie Eary Spring/Summer 2018 London

“Strangely like a Jungle on Jupiter in the year 3030” words described by set designer Hotel London Design Studio for the Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show in London. In the show Katie Eary made a mashup with two brands, spliffy and boylondon also nike. And soon you can see the garments created by her on the stores.

The collection for gents and dames are a nice tropical futuristic jungle, if you only wear black, and you try to get some color in your life, please check Katie Eary’s shop store and online.

We’re fascinated by those greens, blues, and how can perfectly suit to your skin color (any color) making adorable body suits, swims suits for her, full of green colors, for guys we look direclty to those hot pants, trousers and tops.

@jasaytan @andrewdav1s1 Stylin, @beasweetbeauty make-up, @toniblazecastin, @martincullen65 hair sponsored by #fudgehair, @imarninails nails, @agencyeleven PR @aymen music.

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