Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2018 London

Welcome to Vivienne Westwood (freak) fashion cirque show in London Fashion Week: Men’s.

“The Diamonds stand for the Rot$ Financial System -> the poor get poorer & the rich get fewer= Total Poverty: there will be no market left – people will either be too poor or dead! Game Over”.

Vivienne Westwood is not a woman afraid of making a statement.

On 23rd May 2017, she rocked up to the residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury in London with a special guest — the Grim Reaper — to issue a strong statement on the Church of England’s position on fracking.

The Queen of Punk delivered a show entitled “motherfucker #VWSS18” which criticises the Church for declaring fracking “morally acceptable,” and for its apparent support of the government’s stance on the fracking industry.


Opponents to fracking argue that the process can contaminate water supplies, damage the countryside, trigger earth tremors, and that fundamentally, it perpetuates a dependence on fossil fuels at a time when the world needs to switch to renewable energy.

“Fracking kills, and it poisons the whole land,” Westwood told Global Citizen. “The majority of people in England are against fracking.”

According to a YouGov poll from October 2016 , she’s right. Fracking is deeply unpopular in the UK. Only 37.3% of those polled supported shale gas extraction.

Still, the government argues that fracking can be delivered safely and that emissions from shale gas would be lower than coal if conducted within official regulations.

At the end of the show people acclaimed and she went to bid farewell to the gala in London, thanking everyone with a greeting. Like a queen, she was on the shoulders of @micrighteous while she was waving.

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