Need to know about Susumu by Eisuke Komatsubara for GENXY

GENXY-NET.com is an entertainment & lifestyle media for LGBT.
They have entertainment, lifestyle, culture, beauty, romance, latest LGBT news from Japan and abroad) and a rich and stimulating lifestyle every day. How did I get here? thanks for Tumblr I saw Susumu this Japanese muscle model grooming himself and I thought this is good. (Check IG @genxy-magazine)

So let’s re-post highliting the best features of Susumu who’s photographed by Eisuke Komatsubara. Hair & Make up by YUTO; direction and Text by Makito Uechi.SUSUMU by Eisuke Komatsubara for GENXY1Susumu by EisukeSUSUMU by Eisuke Komatsubara for GENXY2

SUSUMU seems to be dedicated to training on a daily basis as the body tells.

“I try not to neglect my training every day, I am training from 5 to 6 in the basic week.When I get tired of course I am resting, but I am a little tired from the beginning, right?”


SUSUMU by Eisuke Komatsubara for GENXY3SUSUMU by Eisuke Komatsubara for GENXY4

So GENXY stick around giving us a great material, also they are super professionals and the webzine design is a very good performing, they even have translators, if you don’t know Japanese.SUSUMU by Eisuke Komatsubara for GENXY5SUSUMU by Eisuke Komatsubara for GENXY6

Always is a pleasure to see a men grooming and taking care of himself. Susumu is a Popular GOGO BOY active in many cities. Nickname is “Susung”. He is active not only in Japan but also throughout Asia such as Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea.

SUSUMU by Eisuke Komatsubara for GENXY7SUSUMU by Eisuke Komatsubara for GENXY8SUSUMU by Eisuke Komatsubara for GENXY9SUSUMU by Eisuke Komatsubara for GENXY10

Read full interview to Susumu at GENXY-NET.

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