Sleek’N’Tears presents Aporia ft. Danko

Last year we presented this project by artist photographer Krista Sudmalis which continues to do this project in Russia, a project carried out with a great professionalism, a great quality of photography and a sensitivity for the art that we can see reflected in her photographs.

We know how sensitive the theme can be to seeing that we have many visitors and that they read our blog from Moscow and the subject of art with the Russian government is sensitive.

Aporia has two meanings 1) a logical impasse or contradiction; especially :  a radical contradiction in the import of a text or theory that is seen in deconstruction as inevitable. 2) French aporie, ultimately from Greek aporia difficulty, perplexity, from aporosimpassable, from a- + poros passage — more at fare.

Featuring fitness athlete, dancer, Cuban roots, living in Moscow check IG @danko_dance you will fall in love.

Sleek’N’Tears it’s a place that inspires you, please share this work because we have to scream to the world to let artist like Krista Sudmalis continue with this stunning project.

Danko by SleeknTears1Danko by SleeknTears2Danko by SleeknTears3Danko by SleeknTears4Danko by SleeknTears5Danko by SleeknTears6Danko by SleeknTears7Danko by SleeknTears8Danko by SleeknTears9Danko by SleeknTears10


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