Gran Canaria Swimwear Fashion Week 2017

This is out second time we were invited by the Official Committee of Gran Canaria Swimwear Fashion Week 2017, but unfortunately we couldn’t be there, but we got the best highlights on swimwear for Men only. Check out!

The Knot Company presents LA RAPADURA.

On the coast of Acentejo, north of Tenerife, is Rapadura, a basaltic formation submerged in the Atlantic that was at some point on the surface. The rapadura is a walk between geometric forms of lava chiseled by the sea and time, which resembles the organ of a cathedral.

The Knot Company is inspired by the sinuous shapes and colors that make up the environment at La Rapadura, a palette of greens, blues and coral shades drawn figure in the bottom of our ocean, and is reflected in the designs of the new collection. For this we have two unique prints made in The Knot Company. All our models are embossed with sustainable fabrics and, as is typical of the firm, they are betting on comfort.

Pleasing the needs of their customers, they add to their collection the short boxers and boxer surferos, created for a more dynamic man, giving the appearance and adequate performance of a sports swimsuit.

For complements, very large shorts, sweatshirts and shirts with woven fabric and technological materials, are added to t-shirts, handbags, and well-known towel racks.

LA RAPADURA, is a collection where all the details have been studied, to make the experience of buying THE KNOT COMPANY, be positive and worship this.

Holas Beachwear


At the end of the 1970s, at the height of disco music, the world-renowned Studio 54 was born. The countless celebrities attending, the restrictive policies of entry and the decadent atmosphere of that era, give this theme an exclusive charm, celebrating The singularity:

“Only for those who dare.”

Black, white and silver are tightly joined as dark colors, giving the impression of movement, of hidden, blinking and vibrant images, illuminated by a thousand reflected lights.


On the Island of Bisevo, in Croatia, one of the most unique natural phenomena in the world occurs: the Blue Cave. With a brilliant blue color and teal hues, created by the refraction of sunlight that sneaks through a crack in the stone, it leaves no one indifferent.

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Geometric and abstract shapes together with vintage marine elements, give a perfect shape to the models of nautical inspiration, more luxurious.


In the demand for progress and advancement, man undertook one of his greatest and most difficult works, such as engineering projects: The Panama Canal.

The shifting effects and surfaces of wilder colors blend in with the more exotic side of this country. The jungles of Panama are home to abundant unique tropical plants and animals that are reflected by enhancing the richness of vegetation greens, flowers mass and animal print. Abstract landscape paintings stand out to celebrate indigenous cultural wealth. Holas Beachwear.


ES Collection


The designer Carmen Monforte rescues from the most characteristic universe of ES Collection her most representative garments to endow them with touches of avant-garde and topicality, without ever forgetting the essence of the Catalan signature. Thus, the prints and military details, the sea stripes, as well as flat colors and floral prints are vertebrando a very complete collection where the man is the true protagonist. The game of colors and textures show an innovative collection, which together with the use of synthetic fabrics, give rise to garments that stand out for their adaptability and for the quality of all their finishes.

Arcadio Domínguez


Put your fingers timidly on the fire, taste the spicy, heat, open your fingers when you should not look, ride a motorcycle with bare face against the wind.

Driving towards the ultimate consequence of emotion, feeling what moves the senses … The icons are tinted intensely to live a new stage, premiering Desire.

The Girls and the Arcadio Boys melt, this time, in a hug that melts them, and entangles them between flesh and blood.

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Red and Garnet, Navy and Black / Lycra, cotton and satin / tacks, tacks, bells, and silk ribbons.

The Arcadians and Arcadians give the protagonism to the silhouettes and the color, signing the garments in the key points where the sensuality is censored.

The styling: wristbands and black anklets, that frame the silhouette and mark the accesses where the Desire escapes.



In this collection we traveled to the 80’s and entered an American institute.

We work with geometric shapes, colors and patterns, which evoke a time when exuberance and excess were very present in dress.

Dapresa makes a particular version of a High School, where all the stereotypes are well marked.

Nerds, Jocks, Popular and Scouts. It will be a mixed collection with 33 exits. 16 men.

Hipertrófico Swimwear


Collection inspired by the traditional celebration celebrated in the United States, “Easter”. A mixed collection where the comfortable and sporting clothes that serve both beach days and the practice of outdoor sports prevail. Featuring a selection of fabrics and high gear with lurex inlays. The common thread is the rabbits of this festival and the grass.

For this collection we have the collaboration of the firm “Santi Carballo, art in leather”, that we will wear their bags and visors (for boys) with rabbit ears.

Launching in this collection our first clothes (skirts, leggings, boomber, sweatshirts) that will be made by the designer with Canarian origin Aday Batista.

The jewelry was created for the collection by “La Vidriola”. Jewelery created in methacrylate with forms of rabbit, easter eggs, carrots, etc. (Firm resident in Gandía, Valencia)

The men’s footwear will be of the firm “Hoop” (Swedes with lawn print) and for women we will contract with the firm “Cuple” and with footwear that we will customize with artificial turf.

Once again the firm has Josué Quevedo that will make us bags and backpacks of artificial turf. Like the women’s footwear that will be customized for this material The models will feature bunny ears in both lawn and neon and Easter eggs.

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Some of the designs will have pieces created in 3D printing, something new in the bathroom design.

To complete, the masculine looks, we will have illustrations of the graphic artist with origin in Gran Canaria Boni Jiménez and its signature “Rancho Rocket”. Hipertrófico at Instagram.

Como la Trucha al Trucho


Inspired by the Canary Islands. Representing the legend of an island in the middle of the Canary Islands that appears and disappears.

Represent each model in each of the islands, not only in the pattern but in the forms of the garments.

With respect to our line, we think it is quite clear, we will continue playing with basic cuts but creating fun variations of color and mixing them with the different prints. With this we will create that each island has its print and the public can appreciate it and give them time to visualize the prints. They would be 7 stamped and each one of them has a sense.

This collection is very thoughtful, so we do not want to miss any details. We have been inspired by the colors of the islands, which predominates in each one of them, in its flora and fauna, in the most characteristic architecture, for which they stand out or for what they are usually known, for its water, its Land and a long etcetera and will discover and hope that you like.

The stamped ones have no relation since each island is different, but to unify the parade we have selected three smooth colors that perfectly combine between them and make it possible to combine the prints.

Not only will we present a bath, but we will also propose some clothes that will accompany our swimsuits, both women and men. Como la Trucha al Trucho.

All images by grancanariamodacalida.es

I hope I can be there next time!!!!!!! 😂

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